May 28, 2022

You’ve heard – and probably tried, depending on where you live – that your products are delivered to you by a startup in less than 10 minutes. But what if the same experience could be extended to hot, freshly prepared lunches and dinners? India’s Zomato, which has struggled in the past to deliver its products within 10 minutes and recently made a profit for its shareholders, is set to do the same.

The company, which once also used drone delivery, said it will start delivering food within 10 minutes to its hometown of Gurugram from next month, in what appears to be a first for any food delivery company worldwide. The company calls this new service Zomato Instant.

Zomato says it won’t pressure its delivery partners to guarantee 10-minute delivery. In fact, the publicly traded company says its delivery partners don’t actually know that these deliveries are due within 10 minutes. Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal wrote on his blog: “Adaptation of time is not in transit and is not life threatening.”

“Fulfilling our promise of fast delivery depends on a dense network of finishing stations located near areas of high customer demand. The station uses sophisticated dish-level demand prediction algorithms and advanced robotics to ensure your food is sterile, fresh and hot the moment the delivery partner picks it up,” he said.

The announcement comes just days after Zomato agreed to acquire BlinkIt, another money-losing company that switched to instant grocery delivery last year.

This is one of the biggest efforts towards our mission of “better food for more people,” Goyal wrote today.


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