August 12, 2022
how to make snow cones

Summer is here and that implies we’re doing everything we can to remain cool. In my home, that generally includes frozen treats—and loads of them. Frozen yogurt, sorbet, popsicles, cups of shaved ice, and so on. Why sit tight for the frozen yogurt truck to advance down the road when you can make a tasty frozen treat noticeable all around adapted solace of your own home? We can’t quit making these custom made shaved ice cups – and when you attempt them, you’ll see to make snow cones without a machine?

Shaved ice cups couldn’t be simpler to make. Get the whole family included. The children can help make the syrups or pack the “day off” appreciating this exemplary summer treat.

Natively constructed Snow Cones

Yield: Serves 12


  • 4 cups water
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 4 envelopes powdered beverage blend
  • 4 cups sickle molded ice 3D shapes
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons water


1. In the first place, make your syrup. In a huge pan over medium-high warmth, heat water to the point of boiling. Add sugar and mix until the sugar totally breaks up.How to make snow cones with Kool Aid?

2. Gap the straightforward syrup uniformly between 4 medium dishes (in the event that you need multiple flavors/colors, you can undoubtedly expand the formula). Add an envelope of powdered beverage blend (like Kool-Aid) to each bowl. This is the point at which you can enroll the children’s assistance. Have them mix the beverage blends (you should ensure they’re fit with a cover in the event of spills) until they are completely broken down. Allow the blend to cool and ta-da! You have an assortment of vivid, seasoned syrups to use on your shaved ice cups. We got some helpful plastic containers on the web – and strongly prescribe them for in the event that you like to downplay the shaved ice making wreck.

3. Presently for the day off. We utilized the Hamilton Beach® Professional Peak Power Blender to divert our ice from 3D squares into “day off.”

4. Spot ice 3D squares in the blender container. Cover and cycle on the “ICE CRUSH” capacity or heartbeat work until ice is totally squashed and snow-like.

5. Move the squashed ice to a bowl. The subsequent stage is basic for your shaved ice making achievement. Sprinkle 1 to 2 tablespoons of water over ice and blend completely with a spoon or a spatula. The additional water adds a little dampness to the ice, making it simple to pack for your shaved ice cups. You realize that ideal snow for snowball making? Same thought here.How to make snow cones without Kool Aid?

6. Utilize a frozen yogurt scoop to shape ice into balls and spot in cups for serving. We requested these bright cups and spoons on the web yet you could arrange exemplary paper cones or use bowls or plastic cups you as of now have close by.

7. When the ice is pressed, it’s the ideal opportunity for the syrups. Blend and match to make a beautiful shaved ice or keep it basic and utilize one syrup for every cone. The family will have a great time tracking down their #1 flavor and shading mixes. You could even make red, white and blue cups of shaved ice for your Fourth of July or Labor Day barbecues. There will never be an awful an ideal opportunity for shaved ice cups.

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