August 16, 2022
how to make a hooded baby towel

How To Make A Hooded Baby Towel

I’m sharing this instructional exercise under one condition. On the off chance that you and I are truly going to a similar child shower, I will give them the towel! wink, wink

I like these a ton better than most locally acquired child towels. They’re less expensive to make, averaging around $10 per towel, and they’re a lot greater, thicker, and milder. My just about six-year-old is as yet utilizing his and loves it. How to use baby hooded towel?

They’re decent a major for infants and handily fit a two-year-old or four-year-old.

*I trust you can see the photos well. I took them quite a long while back and they’re a little dark!* Hooded baby towel Projects.


  • Curiously large shower towel
  • Hand towel (one hand towel will make two hooded towels)
  • Strip, at any rate, 1.5ã¢â‚¬â wide
  • String
  • Turning shaper and tangle (discretionary)

Stage 1: Cut Hand Towel

Slice hand towel down the middle (I incline toward utilizing a rotating shaper and tangle)

Stage 2: Fold Edge

With the wrong side confronting you, overlay 2.5 crawls of wrapped edge up.

Stage 3: Cut and Pin Ribbon

Cut lace sufficiently long so it expands a half-inch past each side of the towel.

Pin lace set up over the completed edge.

Stage 4: Sew Ribbon On

Beginning with the base edge of the towel, straight fasten both long sides of the strip to towel, sewing as near lace edges as could really be expected. To abstain from puckering in the strip start the sewing from a similar side for the two edges. Free Sewing pattern baby hooded towel.

Stage 5: Fold Towel

Crease right sides of hand towel together, coordinating with edges. How to fold infant hooded bath towels?

Stage 6: Sew Raw Edges

Straight fasten along coordinated with crude edges of the towel, utilizing a 5/8 inch crease recompense.

Crisscross in crease recompense to support the crease you just made or utilize a serger.

Stage 7: Open Hood

Open out a towel to frame a point. The wrong side ought to confront you and the crease you just sewed will be running down the center.

Stage 8: Sew Across the Point

Measure 2.5 crawls from the top point and sew a straight crease across. (I simply gauge this crease)

Stage 9: Zigzag

Crisscross increase stipend to support (or utilize a serger)

Stage 10: Cut Off Point

Remove point above crisscross.

Stage 11: Find Center

Discover the focal point of the shower towel.

Stage 12: Match Edges

With right sides together, match crease in hood and focus of shower towel.

Stage 13: Pin

Pin along completed edges

Stage 14: Sew Hood to Towel

Utilizing a 5/8 inch crease, straight join hood to the towel (this crease will get strip abundance).

Crisscross crease to support.

Stage 15: Trim

Trim lace abundance and presto!

In case I’m giving the towel as a blessing, I like to move it up and attach it with another strip and join a blessing tag. You may likewise need to wash the towel and trim any frayed edges prior to giving.

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