March 23, 2023

Like maximum different fashionable roguelike video games, Villain Legacy 2 has an in-game improve forex recognized on this case as Soul Stones. Those distinctive stones have quite a lot of makes use of, permitting avid gamers to improve their abilities, guns, and manor.

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They are a surprisingly helpful useful resource, so it is comprehensible why some avid gamers would like to discover ways to to find Soul Gemstones in them Villain Legacy 2 and the way very best to spend them. This information supplies the solutions to either one of the ones questions, at the side of 4 strategies for grinding them.


What are Soul Gemstones?

In Villain Legacy 2, Soul Gemstones are a different forex that unlocks skills and upgrades within the Soul Store. With this merchandise, avid gamers can building up the danger of discovering higher guns, upgrading their categories, or even buying and selling in sources to shop for new tools.

How you can earn Soul Stones in Rogue Legacy 2

Image showing how to earn soul gems through trading in Rogue Legacy 2.

In an effort to gather Soul Gemstones, avid gamers should entire Scar Demanding situations within the Waft Area. Alternative ways to earn Soul Gemstones are via chatting with different characters, defeating the six primary bosses, and buying them within the Soul Store with Aether and Ore. The quantity of Soul Gemstones rewarded for those duties will increase in NG+.

1. Entire the Scar Demanding situations

Communicate to Geras the caretaker within the Greenhouse and settle for the Scar demanding situations, the aspect quests that give soul gemstones. For a profitable farm, avid gamers must attempt to earn the gold medal for every problem.

2. Trade Ether and Ore for Soul

Within the Waft Area, avid gamers can discuss to the Keres siblings to go into the Soul Store. From there, they wish to scroll right down to “Bizarre Transaction” and convert Ether and Ore into Soul Gemstones. Then again, this is not one of the simplest ways to farm soul gemstones, because it incurs an trade charge.

3. Entire the NPC dialogues

Beginning a dialog with different characters within the village provides you with as much as 500 Soul Gemstones. Then again, the catch is that many of the discussion is lengthy and most commonly ends all over the overall quests. Regardless of this, this is a no-grind way of farming soul gemstones as no further motion is needed.

4. Hit the estuaries.

The prize for defeating the six bosses in Villain Legacy 2 is soul gemstones. Ahead of NewGame+, every muzzle offers round 100 souls, however the battles turn out to be extra rewarding once you have the True Finishing.

How you can release the soul store in Rogue Legacy 2

To release the Soul Store, avid gamers should defeat Estuary Lamech, the primary estuary within the sport. It lives in Fort Agartha and is straightforward to defeat so long as there may be enough space to dodge its assaults.

How To Spend Soul Stones Successfully

Gamers must spend the primary batch of Soul Gemstones on Embroidered Funding improve. It will increase weapon tier capability and unlocks high-level tools. With last Soul Gemstones, avid gamers can improve Runes Horizons, granting extra tough runes. Then again, Embroidered Funding is a tough brand, and it is best to improve it to point 2 or upper after discovering all 0 guns.

Villain Legacy 2 is now to be had for Xbox, Transfer and PC.

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