June 3, 2023

Tengen Uzui, sometimes called Sound Hashira, is likely one of the maximum recognizable and in style characters from the Demon Slayer collection. He’s additionally thought to be some of the professional and strong swordsmen within the Demon Slayer Corps.

As Hashira, Tengen possesses fantastic energy, pace, and agility that permit him to combat at superhuman ranges, being the sane Hashira additionally possesses fantastic listening to skills, the use of sound waves to find and listen in on his enemies them to maintain his environment. His particular sound respiring tactics are referred to as some of the robust respiring tactics, however how robust is Tengen?


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The god of extravagance

Tengen weapons

Tengen, who claims to be the “god of extravagance,” has all the time had an inclination to be flashy and distinctive. He believes in appearing his persona and cares much less what others bring to mind him. On the other hand, extravagance additionally has its unfavourable aspects, corresponding to its personal approach. Tengen believes his subordinates will have to pay attention to any orders he provides, it doesn’t matter what. That is noticed all through the leisure arc when he pressured Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu to hide themselves and act like ladies to infiltrate the brothel, which he suspected was once run by way of a demon. It doesn’t matter what state of affairs or ache he’s in, Tengen by no means shall we move of his flamboyant perspective and all the time places on a grin. His certain perspective additionally makes him a powerful fighter, he additionally admires and appears as much as his comrades like Kyojuro Rengoku. Tengen additionally regrets that he was once not able to save lots of the lives of the ones he attempted and is now making an attempt his best possible to make sure that the folk he loves are all the time secure, particularly his 3 better halves Suma, Makio and Hinatsuru. Tengen additionally believes in striking oneself ahead of the challenge, it doesn’t matter what it takes.

Because the Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tengen is a in point of fact robust and professional fighter. His immense pace and energy is proven all through the Leisure Arc fight when he faces off towards Daki and Gyutaro together with Tanjiro, Inosuke, Nezuko, and Zenitsu. He may bring to a halt Daki’s head with out her even understanding what had came about. On the other hand, after reducing off Daki’s head, her brother Gyutaro confirmed as much as convenience her. That is the place the true combat started. Since Tengen was once educated within the tactics of the shinobi from delivery and turned into an impressive ninja, he was once additionally educated to withstand poison, so he was once ready to maintain the combat with Gyutaro even if struck by way of Gyutaro’s poison sickles. Due to Tengen’s fantastic pace, he was once ready to stay alongside of each Gyutaro and Daki as he’s additionally identified to be probably the most quickest Hashiras.

Because the Sound Hashira, Tengen makes use of his enhanced listening to to research his environment. This skill allowed him to acknowledge {that a} combat was once going down underground or even in finding out the site of his combatants. Tengen’s pace, stamina, reflexes and stamina surpass superhuman ranges as he repeatedly engaged in intense coaching in his more youthful days and his ache resistance additionally performs a a very powerful position in his combat towards Gyutaro as he was once ready to stay preventing even after his arm was once chopped off and certainly one of his eyes were slashed. In spite of suffering with one arm, he nonetheless controlled to compare Gyutaro’s pace, appearing his will and keep watch over to stay preventing although he was once in ache.

The sound Hashira


Because of his rigorous coaching as a ninja, Tengen additionally possessed awesome stealth abilities, which he makes use of to sneak up and assault combatants with out their noticing. Because of his revel in as a demon slayer and ninja, he additionally has an intensive wisdom of strategic battle strategies. Years of preventing demons and inspecting the placement to make tactical choices within the warmth of fight make him an impressive demon slayer. He makes use of unorthodox strategic learn how to make the most of the placement. That is proven when he stops his personal center to forestall him from loss of life because of the poison in his frame. This shocked the Gyutaro and gave Tengen a bonus to proceed preventing.

Sound Respiring was once a respiring taste that Tengen advanced himself. He makes use of his tactics like Musical Rating to acknowledge the rhythm of his enemies and browse them like sheet song. On this approach, he is in a position to resolve his enemy’s susceptible issues and assess his opponent’s energy and strikes. Tengen is sometimes called some of the robust and skillful swordsmen in all of the Demon Slayer Corps, not like his friends, Tengen’s number one weapon is a double Nichirn cleaver, which is mainly two huge sharp blades held in combination by way of a steel chain down the center (very similar to nunchakus). He used this weapon when preventing the Higher Moon 6 Demon Gyutaro, spinning the blades at complete drive in a single swift motion to dam and land robust assaults. The use of Blast Beads is every other weapon Tengen makes use of to shop for himself time between fights and dodges.

From all that has been stated and finished, Tengen Uzui is likely one of the most powerful and maximum professional demon slayers within the collection. His bodily skills, preventing abilities and strategic pondering make him a tricky opponent to defeat in a combat. Against the tip of the fight, after rising victorious and defeating Gyutaro and his sister, Tengen makes a decision to retire from his process as a demon slayer and spend the remainder of his existence in peace along with his ladies, a becoming finishing for some of the robust demons hunters round.

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