March 24, 2023

Kraken, sometimes called Krachan, is a sea monster that Chained Echoes Avid gamers can stumble upon them within the Farnsport sewers. It is a massive octopus-like creature with 3 tentacles, one for therapeutic and two for attacking.

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Avid gamers must now not confuse Krachan with Krakun, the opposite water-type monster Chained Echoes. This one is so much more uncomplicated to overcome and has so much much less HP. Here’s a detailed information for inexperienced persons Chained Echoes Participant.

How one can defeat Krachan within the Sewers

Image showing how to defeat Kraken in Chained Echoes.

To defeat Kraken, avid gamers must focal point on one tentacle at a time. You will want to get started by means of attacking its therapeutic tentacle, then take away the mystical limb, and in the end kill it by means of destroying the bodily one. For better injury, avid gamers can use Sienna’s Extremely Transfer at first of the boss struggle.


As a Water-type monster, Kraken is susceptible to Wind, so avid gamers must use pieces that reason Rainy and transfer on with Wind-type talents if imaginable. Intensity Rate is a wonderful wind injury booster, even if maximum avid gamers will earn this merchandise later within the recreation.

Kraken has two primary assaults: Tentacle Pierce and Splash. It additionally has 3 buffs specifically Tentacle Heal, Rage and Fury. To counter this, avid gamers must weaken the therapeutic and magic tentacles and regenerate the squad’s misplaced HP with Kylian’s Heal All. Even on exhausting mode, Kraken’s injury is not deadly, permitting avid gamers to forget about his AoE.

If the boss struggle turns out too difficult, avid gamers can have the benefit of finding out how you can use SP earlier than attempting once more.

What are the most efficient strikes for Kraken Boss Combat?

Since Kraken is an early recreation boss, he is simple to overcome with easy strikes. The most productive talents for this are Glenn’s Move Slash and Armor Wreck, Sienna’s X-Slash and Yoki Giri, and Kylian’s Broad Swing or Heal All.

Avid gamers can exploit Yoki Giri and Broad Swing when Kraken’s therapeutic tentacle is alive. Those two talents deal injury to all 3 limbs, whilst the therapeutic arm can most effective heal one. Accomplished as it should be, the combinations turn on Sienna’s Blossom Typhoon, dealing fatal injury.

What’s the cost of defeating Kraken?

Avid gamers obtain 5 SP (Ability Issues) and a Grimoire Shard for defeating Kraken. The previous is used to degree up characters’ talents, whilst the latter unlocks new talents. The usage of Sienna’s robbery on Kraken’s bodily tentacle, avid gamers may additionally have the ability to earn Copper Nuggets, a to hand merchandise for crafting and upgrading guns.

Chained Echoes is now to be had for Xbox, PlayStation, Transfer and PC.

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