May 28, 2022

Who would have thought there would be many startups because you can only link to one site in your bio on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter? Apparently this was done by Alex Zakaria, co-founder and CEO of Linktree.

“In 2016, we started with a very clear use case to solve this problem for musicians and artists who needed a better way to connect social media to all their different income streams and we really needed a better way to connect to social media than ever. before. I needed to integrate this experience into Zakaria so they could monetize it. “There was nothing like it [Linktree] which existed. We created this category.”

Over the past year and a half, Linktree has collectively raised $55.7 million in two funding rounds. The Australian company today announced a $110 million investment led by Index Ventures and Coatue Management, with participation from AirTree Ventures, Insight Partners and Greenoaks. This raises the cost of the Linktree Series C to $1.3 billion. Basically, that’s a lot for a lightweight mini site builder.

These tools are especially useful for influencers or brands. Linktree has clients like Selena Gomez, TikTok, and Major League Baseball, but even regular social media users have found Linktree — some people use it to compile a list of resources to support these charities. platforms. ,

Like any good idea, other companies have tried to make it a little better – platforms like Beacon, Snipfeed, Lightrix, and Streamlabs have launched bio link builders with social media creators in mind, but Linktree has been able to keep up with this by rolling out its own bells and whistles such as PayPal and Shopify integrations. Linktree recently acquired SongLink/Odelsky to create the MusicLink feature. MusicLink allows artists to link to their song on any platform, and instead of having to navigate through each platform individually to find the link, their LinkTree automatically links to their song on all platforms.

“Now we have over 24 million users and about 40,000 registrations per day,” Zakaria said. Last year, he told gaming-updates that Linktree has 12 million users worldwide, indicating that Linktree has doubled in size since March 2021, according to the data provided.

“Linktree is definitely under development and this fundraiser is really focused on growing the team. We were seven in March 2020, we are now over 230 worldwide, and we expect to fill 200 to 300 more positions between the US and Australia this year.

Linktree just appointed Mike Olsson as Chairman – most recently he was Senior Vice President of Growth Initiatives at Twitch. At Linktree, Olsen will focus on expanding the market in the United States.

“We are based in Australia and most of our team is here, but most of our users are in the US,” Zakaria told gaming-updates. “We want to make this team huge.”

Linktree offers users four different subscription options that range from free to $21 per month. Paid options offer more customization options and comprehensive monetization tools for creators. Currently, when users tip a creator, purchase a product through a Shopify integration, or order an inquiry (i.e. creators can offer cameo-style videos as paid digital), Linktree does not take any transaction deductions (apart from the standard credit card fee). ). for items on their Linktree). But eventually Linktree plans to cut corners, and that percentage drops from 10% to 0.5% as your monthly payment increases. So it could be financially beneficial for a large manufacturer to spend $21/month to reduce Linktree’s rebates from 10% to 0.5%. Linktree claims it helped 1.7 million people get 1.2 billion clicks on commercial websites last year.

“What you see now on the pricing page is meant to give users an idea of ​​what it will be, but we are not charging any fees right now,” Zakaria said. “Now we call it the promotional period – we just started the partnership. [with Shopify, Square and PayPal] Over the past year, we’ve been helping manufacturers increase their revenues, get in the door and start using these products at no extra cost. ,

So, even though it is now worth over $1 billion, Linktree’s current revenue streams are limited to monthly subscriptions. Linktree declined to release any earnings data, including what percentage of its 24 million users are paid customers and whether the company is profitable.

“Everything is focused on the idea that if we add value to users, if we help them win, they can do more with their business by reaching their audience, increasing conversions, getting better results or saving time. Will pay to add value to life,” Zakaria said. “We’re really focused on saving creatives time and helping them run their business.”

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