June 3, 2023

April 14 marks the one-year anniversary Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom Introduced, however CDPR continues to be silent on the main points of the RPG growth. Probably the most major characters of the DLC due to this fact stays shrouded in thriller months after Idris Elba was once showed to be becoming a member of it Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom Forged within the position of Solomon Reed, a grey-haired FIA agent.

However fanatics could also be questioning what precisely the FIA ​​is and the way Reed suits into the overarching storyline of the primary and most effective Cyberpunk 2077 Extension. Whilst the builders are but to deal with each problems head-on, the newest is phantom freedom Trailers and a few early bits of worldbuilding printed greater than anticipated from both.


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Solomon Reed’s company has been in Night time Town for some time because of the occasions of Phantom Liberty


Like Reed, the FIA ​​​​is a newcomer to the cyberpunk lore, however its authentic point out in fact predates the expose of Elba’s personality by way of two years. Reference has already been made to the company 2 a.m. – She callsa virtual brochure bundled with the Steam model of Cyberpunk 2077. Set within the yr 2071, this brief tale contained a rumor that the FIA ​​​​was once on the lookout for allies in Night time Town to extend their native political affect. The company reportedly did so at all-time low, purposefully fending off sympathizers Cyberpunk 2077 “patriotic” sixth Side road gang no longer identified for subtlety.

First, it means that the FIA ​​is a successor to the so-called Gang of 4 – CIA, DEA, FBI and NSA – which staged a coup that resulted in the formation of the New United States of The united states (NUSA) within the 2025-2040 duration. Now not least as a result of lore has it that every one of those companies with the exception of the CIA had been disbanded within the 2070s. So whilst CDPR has but to verify what the FIA ​​initialism stands for, Phantom Liberty’s The espionage factor and Reed’s obvious tendency to subterfuge ascertain as soon as once more that the company is dabbling in clandestine process 2 a.m. – She calls Notes on.

Reed’s identify might allude to a fixer or spymaster, since Reed-Solomon error correction is a circle of relatives of code interpretation algorithms. Those ways, which date again to the Sixties, are the rationale that QR codes and barcodes, for instance, will also be learn despite the fact that they’re in large part destroyed or differently ineligible. Does that underscore phantom freedom‘s topics or references to Reed’s personality characteristics is still noticed. What is sure is this FIA agent had the reason and alternative to paintings as a handler or spymaster in Night time Town for years previous to the occasions of the approaching yr Cyberpunk 2077 DLC.

Solomon Reed stocks references to first-hand revel in of NUSA’s cyberpunk Unification Conflict

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Freedom

When precisely he arrived, the December 2022 growth trailer provides extra clues as to his background. At one level, Reed tells V that “Peace has a worth, somebody at all times has to pay.” This restatement of a well-known Benjamin Franklin quote about how “even peace will also be purchased at too top a worth” will also be interpreted as a sign that Reed is each idealistic and jaded. However his content material by myself signifies that he speaks from revel in.

This supposedly implies that Reed was once concerned within the Conflict of Unification (2069-2070), the one main struggle that led to peace talks that he will have attended throughout his lifetime. Assuming he isn’t over 70, which is not a given on this international of misleading appearances and appearances Cyberpunk 2077 Characters to not be depended on.

The Unification Conflict ended with an Arvin Treaty, which showed Night time Town’s standing as an self reliant loose state after Arasaka’s intervention averted a full-blown NUSA and Militech invasion. However the FIA ​​will have been environment the degree for a corporate-backed army intervention no later than 2069, when NUSA was once on Night time Town’s doorstep. Take rumour from Canon 2 a.m. – She calls At face worth, it is conceivable that Reed’s secret company by no means left the post-peace treaty house with different NUSA forces.

Solomon Reed is aware of what “phantom freedom” in reality approach


Freedom after the Unification Conflict Cyberpunk 2077 Night time Town most probably enjoys the eponymous “phantom freedom” alluded to by way of the DLC’s identify and Benjamin Franklin-inspired quote; One thing shady was once occurring throughout the peace talks, and it appears Idris Elba’s personality took heart degree. As for what he may had been as much as for the following seven years, it is believable that he spent that point undercover.

NUSA President Rosalind Myers hints at this by way of sending V to seek out Reed after an obvious assassination try that led to a downed Air Pressure One, each printed in the newest model Cyberpunk 2077: phantom freedom Fan. In some other of his scenes, Elba’s personality introduces himself as “Solomon Reed, FIA”, which means he isn’t retired. CDPR additionally described him as a veteran FIA agent, no longer a former one. A protracted-term undercover undertaking due to this fact turns out a most probably reason behind why Reed isn’t in lively touch with the bosses because the occasions of the growth start.

Whilst differently no longer a lot is understood about Idris Elbas Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom Persona, all of this turns out to suggest that he’s going to set the degree for some other main struggle, both within the type of a brand new Unification Conflict or the fifth Company Conflict. The latter is recently a extra common principle amongst fandom as it suits higher with CDPR’s promised “secret agent mystery” narrative.

What seems to be some other fight with Arasaka and in all probability different factions will convey V to Dogtown, a Night time Town house rumored to frame Pacifica. And whilst avid gamers can be ready to select aspects within the DLC, supporting NUSA might require “burning”. [Dogtown] at the ground,” as Reed put it within the December trailer. The quote signifies that he has little love for this war-torn borough and in all probability Night time Town total.

Such perspectives make Elba’s personality a doubtlessly essential best friend or robust enemy of V, relying at the participant’s selection. And whilst none of this essentially impacts the fandoms Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom want checklist, it suggests Solomon Reed is environment the degree for some other huge company struggle; one the place V will come to a decision who “can pay” for the peace.

Cyberpunk 2077 is to be had on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Sequence X/S, whilst the phantom freedom DLC is slated to unencumber someday in 2023 completely on current-gen consoles and PC.

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