March 23, 2023

The adjustment in Hogwarts legacy may arguably be regarded as never-ending, giving Potterheads the power to personalize their broomsticks, clothes or even their face clothes, but enthusiasts of this unbelievable identify are desperate to sing their own praises their maximum robust device: the wand.

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In spite of the unattainable energy within the wands of wizards and witches, the handles of the magic sticks make no distinction of their general skill. However, those wand grip designs will stay any participant the focal point whilst dueling out and in of the sport Hogwarts Lock.


7 Imperial / Grey & Silver

Imperial Gray and Silver Wand Handle


assortment chest

Whilst enthusiasts of the acclaimed Hogwarts legacy all have other playstyles, the ones in search of class whilst dominating their enemies will undoubtedly have it Grey & Silver Imperial Maintain catches the attention, since the deeply darkened marble end paired with the silver tones of the metal no longer best certifies a dignified glance at the battlefield, but in addition a revered place some of the most pretty handles.

With this sort of commanding look, seasoned wizards and witches might wish to pair this robust take care of with the ‘Darkish Arts Gown‘, additional reinforcing their already established authoritative nature.

6 Arrow / Black

Arrow Black Wand Handle


Brother’s Keeper aspect quest

Out there thru a quite tragic aspect quest, the Black arrow Seducing lovers of the minimalist glance, Wand Maintain wields a chic all-black design with gold accents to show off her rich stature. Moreover, the pointed edges forming the wand itself might be perceived as a logo of professional wizardry, making this design a should have for enthusiasts of the wizarding international along some of the absolute best taking a look wand grips.

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With a wildly polished really feel to this grip, it is just proper that players give it the ‘Silver Arrow Broom‘ to end up to her friends who in point of fact runs the enchanted compound.

5 chook / beige

Bird beige wand handle


assortment chest

Studded on the backside with a shimmering golden owl and intertwined with an awesome twisted texture is the beige chook Wand Grip demonstrates a noble however humble attraction to people who wield it, valuing itself as a exceptional grip for all. Whilst it may not be the flashiest of choices, it no doubt sticks out from the intensive checklist of wand grips Hogwarts legacy.

To accompany this lighter glance, many Hogwarts legacy Gamers have a tendency to the ‘mild brown‘ entire the wooden form of their wand and display their willing skill to convey their wizards and witches to essentially the most trendy stage.

4 Royal / Blue

Royal blue wand handle


assortment chest

Most effective discovered through opening assortment chests that Blue shelf The wand hilt denotes a way of poser and secrecy when hooked up to the robust wands wielded through the gamers. Respectably completed with a gold and turquoise coating, this actual design is likely one of the absolute best taking a look wand grips round Hogwarts legacy has to provide.

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As an extra nod to the hidden nature already demonstrated through the take care of of the Blue Regal wand, enthusiasts of this legendary recreation may need to try the ‘Ceramic Masks‘ Face equipment to hide their true intentions within the wizarding international.

3 Heavenly / Blue

Celestial Blue Wand Handle


assortment chest

The true which means of magic is illustrated controversially Blue sky Magic wand grip, make enthusiasts Hogwarts legacy specifically drawn to this design. The Blue Celestial grip, which contains miniature engravings of gold stars, additionally features a round addition of a globe, smartly solidifying as some of the absolute best taking a look wand grips to be had.

If gamers wish to take their love of magic one step additional, they may wish to convey their wizard or witch with the ‘Historical Thriller Scarf‘ to finish her cute outfit.

2 Swirls / Lilacs

Swirl Lilac wall handle


assortment chest

Take the highlight inside of Hogwarts legacy is not a difficult process, because the sheer quantity of colourful customization gamers can choose between is downright immense, to mention the least. However, the Crimson Swirl The take care of of the wand will stand out in any spectacular combat, outfit selection and particularly cutscenes, because the shimmering, glossy sparkling crimson colour makes this beauty one of the crucial stunning on this planet Harry Potter-based identify.

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Whilst some won’t want to stand out, those that do might want to give a contribution to their flashy cravings through carrying a couple of the “Darkish Arts Dueling Gloves‘ because the distinction between the 2 colours is huge.

1 Chessboard / Teal

Checkerboard Teal wall handle


assortment chest

Whether or not fan of the hit Harry Potter Franchise or no longer, most of the people are conversant in the homes that magical alumni who attend Hogwarts are taken care of into, of which that is one Slytherins. Infamous for his or her ambition and crafty personality, Slytherin home is synonymous with the colour inexperienced Teal Chessboard Wand Grip the most suitable choice for enthusiasts of the scary workforce.

If dependable Slytherin gamers wish to push their portrayal a little additional, they may need the ‘Zonko’s Oberwitzelhut‘ to mix no longer best with the take care of colour in their wand, but in addition with the trickster bone they’ve of their frame.

Hogwarts legacy is these days best to be had on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Sequence X/S.

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