May 28, 2022

Theoretically crypto White Papers are solid scientific documents that aim to describe a complex and precise method for creating unique blockchain products.

In practice, however, the white paper is often a marketing game designed to help crypto startups create monetized media. However, they are still in high demand – in some situations.

To find out what types of white papers resonate with potential supporters and investors, I asked some cryptocurrency producers: what should an effective white paper look like in 2022, and is it still needed?

Do you need white paper?

The short answer is yes, but some changes in the industry are changing how members and investors view white papers. Traditional scientific white papers are being replaced by papers that read like a well-crafted financial prospectus.

A good white paper should demonstrate project transparency. Colapo Akande, founder of Pledge Utility Coin

We’ve seen some white papers on decks like PowerPoint or even as videos. To achieve your primary goal of defining the type of product you are building, regardless of the format, this document requires the participation of various stakeholders.

For example, for tokenized securities, white paper writers must work with a legal team to ensure they accurately describe project parameters and regulatory compliance. If it’s a fintech product not related to client-side cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, they might risk being a little less disciplined. However, in some cases, white paper will be an integral part of a startup’s strategy.

“Many financial parent companies or exchanges are not licensed to offer securities, so they turn to official documents or token issuance memorandums during due diligence,” said Yana Afanasyeva, CEO and founder of Competitive Compliance.

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