May 23, 2022

In the coming weeks, HBO Max will introduce an updated Apple TV app with improved stability and new features. According to Variety, the new version of the app visually resembles the original version, but according to WarnerMedia, the updated app is much more stable. The rollout of the updated application comes amid complaints from users that the previous version had performance issues and often lagged behind.

In addition to better stability, the new version of the application also contains a number of other improvements. First, there’s a new streamlined registration and registration process, as well as a new feature called “Binge Mode” that lets you skip credits and skip to the next episode of the TV show. The updated version also gets a new home screen with a scrollable “Hero” banner.

In addition, the new app gives users more control with a new My Stuff interface that allows them to edit and sort their My List and Live Watch lists. The new app will eventually be able to offer more dynamic interface animations.

HBO Max director Sarah Lyons told Variety that WarnerMedia decided to use the previous HBO Max app for Apple TV on the same codebase as the existing HBO Go and HBO Now apps two years ago as they were preparing to launch. Leon said this helped the company get the app to market faster. WarnerMedia knew that the original platform was not designed for a large catalog of content and the company would have to rebuild it in the future. The new HBO Max app for Apple TV is based on You.i’s cross-platform App Engine, which was acquired by WarnerMedia in December 2020.

The revised app will roll out gradually over the course of the week and over the next week. This should be a welcome update for frustrated HBO Max users who are having trouble using the native Apple TV app.

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