May 25, 2022

One of the best investments to get involved in is aspiring or newly established early stage startup founders. A bale of vanity at an early stageSeriously, there is no hype here. Takes place in San Francisco during this one-day founders’ summit. On April 14, you’ll learn best practices across a range of essential startup building skills from a slew of seasoned founders, investors, and subject matter experts.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel after you do this. The Best Educational Resources for Startups at your service. But if you want to save $200 on entry fees, you’ll have to hurry. Our $249 Founder’s Pass goes fast. buy pass now Until they left and the price went up.

What will you learn in the early stages of TS? We’ll share the details a bit later, but here’s what Katya Paramonova, Founder and CEO of Centrally, had to say about her experience.

“At the initial stage, a bootcamp was held with leading founders, venture capitalists and experts from the startup community. When you start building a startup, this is an effective way to increase your knowledge of important startup topics.”

During the presentations – with plenty of time for Q&A – you will learn about a range of startup core competencies from top professionals in areas such as fundraising, business operations and marketing. They describe the steps that will help you create and grow your startup. Small roundtables provide an opportunity to deepen the conversation and for new founders to share and discuss their concerns.

Here is a small selection of the topics we cover. View agenda For more information on all presentations on Track Three, Funding, Operations and Marketing/PR.

  • How to get earned media: With the right handling, the press can be an invaluable weapon. ASTRSK founder Elliot Tomeno has spent his life telling the press about startup stories. He will tell how journalists think about the news, how to get their attention and how to approach relationships in the long term.
  • Finding product market fit: Validating your idea through customer love for your product is perhaps one of the most emotional and intellectual aspects of being a founder early on. GV’s Terry Burns, former operator (Twitter and Venmo) turned venture capitalist, will lay the groundwork for finding the right market for products, including processes, feedback loops and adaptability.
  • Startup Brand Building Guide: Building your brand is important in the early stages of building a business, but it is often overlooked and misunderstood. A brand is much more than a logo and a website; It’s a story that reflects your values ​​and vision, guides every touchpoint and every communication, and evokes connection and emotion. Brands are interactive, so you create your own brand story when you launch, but others define it as you grow. Hedley Wilkins of Atomic talks about how to create a compelling brand story that captures hearts and minds and keeps your business growing.

A bale of vanity at an early stage It happens on April 14 in San Francisco. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn basic startup skills from successful experts. As well as Buy a Founders Pass for $249. Save $200 ASAP Before The Deal Is Over Forever.

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