May 25, 2022

Today at the Google Developers Summit for Games, Google unveiled a Stadia B2B offering called “Immersive Streams for Games.” Created in partnership with Google Cloud, this offering will allow companies to leverage the built-in technology of the Stadia platform and deliver games directly to players. With this offer, Google is expanding by licensing Stadia’s streaming technology to other companies.

Google says the service will allow companies to test games, offer subscription packages or an entire storefront. Google started working with AT&T last year to test the new offering. AT&T used this service to offer Batman: Arkham Knight for free to thousands of its users. The company will use the immersive gaming stream to soon introduce another game for its customers that can be played both online and on mobile devices. This year, Google plans to further improve immersive gaming streams.

“The Google Developers Summit for Games is designed to support studios of all sizes with tools and innovation from Google teams,” said Dov Zimmering, Head of Product at Stadia, in an emailed statement to gaming-updates. “The key features we’re talking about today will benefit both the player experience during development and immersive streaming for game clients, including Stadia. We’ve partnered with Google Cloud to develop the underlying cloud gaming technology that powers Stadia and our customers’ offerings through immersive gaming streams. The rising tide of cloud gaming is driving exciting streams for games and stadiums, and we look forward to seeing what happens in 2022 and beyond.”

Google’s official unveiling of the offering follows a February report that indicated the company was moving away from Stadia and focusing on making deals with businesses through its B2B cloud gaming service. Today’s announcement finally gives the project a name.

Google Stadium Store

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For Stadia, Google has announced plans to launch new features to make it easier for players to find and play games. Google allows people to view games on the Stadia store without signing into the service or creating a Stadia account. The company says this will make it easier for users to find titles in the store.

Google is also launching a new “Click to Play” trial that will allow players to try out the game on Stadia. Players can try the game without paying or signing up for a Stadia account. Developers can choose how long they want to test the game. Last October, the company began a click-to-play trial phase with select developers. In the first public test, Google found that gamers were about 35% more likely to respond to a Click-to-Play Trial promo than to a traditional “buy or claim” message. Google plans to offer trials as an option for all games on Stadia in 2022.

The company is also working to make it easier for companies to port Windows games to Stadia. The new Porting with Small Changes toolkit is designed to reduce the time and resources required for developers to port games to Stadia. Google has revealed that more than 10 studios, including Paradox Interactive and Team 17, are currently testing a toolkit to bring their Windows-based games to Stadia. The new toolkit will become more accessible to developers later this year.

It’s no surprise that Google is looking to bring Stadia’s game streaming technology to other companies, as Google has struggled to develop and improve Stadia in recent years since its 2019 launch. Although initially the company planned to release exclusive titles. The game studios closed in early 2021.

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