May 25, 2022

On Thursday, the company announced that Google is adding a new label to search results to direct users to trusted sources. The new label, which will appear in the Top Stories carousel, is designed to help users find frequently cited news from other news organizations. The highly hyped label will soon launch on mobile devices in the United States and will be available globally in the coming weeks.

The label will apply to research articles, interviews, announcements, press releases, local news, and more. Google says it’s particularly interested in how labels can be used to take basic reporting to the next level.

“Let’s say a local news organization is reporting on issues in your local school district,” the company said in a blog post. ‚ÄúThis story is so big that it has been picked up by many other media outlets. But what if you hadn’t seen that origin story that had a unique nod to the locals? We offer a way to help you identify stories that are frequently cited by other news organizations so you can easily find information that is most useful or relevant to the news.”

In addition to launching a new frequently quoted label, Google is also expanding the “fast-moving topic” notice that appears next to breaking news in search results to indicate that information is being posted. It can take some time. Starting today, searches in English in the United States will include hints to help users evaluate information online and remind them to check if a source on a topic is reliable or later when more information becomes available.

Today’s announcement comes one day after Google said it is improving its artificial intelligence model to make Google search safer and better deal with sensitive issues, including suicide, sexual assault, drug abuse, and more. Includes topics such as violence and domesticity. violence. It also uses other artificial intelligence techniques to improve its ability to remove unwanted overt or suggestive content from search results when people aren’t specifically looking for it.

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