May 25, 2022

Google today announced two new tools for companies with extended shipping fleets: Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing API. Part of the Google Maps platform, the new Last Mile Fleet solution focuses on streamlining every step of the last mile delivery process, from order to delivery. As the name suggests, the new routing API, which is part of the Google Cloud, focuses on route planning for delivery vehicle fleets.

The Last Mile Fleet Solution is now in public preview. The Cloud Fleet Routing API will go public in the second quarter of this year. Because both services are commercial, pricing information is not publicly available, and potential buyers of both products should contact Google Sales.

“The pandemic has hit both e-commerce and shipping, which have been growing rapidly. Increasing pressure on the delivery network, as well as many other factors such as lack of drivers, poor address records, plant closures and rising fuel prices, have impacted the timing and success of delivery,” said Hans Thalbauer, managing director of Global Supply Chen. logistics Industry, Google Cloud. “Through the Last Mile Fleet Solution of the Google Maps Platform and the Cloud Fleet Routing API, we are making it easier for fleet managers to address these issues and create a seamless experience for consumers, drivers and fleet managers.”

image credit: Google

The Google Maps platform already offers an on-demand ride and delivery solution that allows businesses to send on-demand drivers. The company says a new last mile fleet solution has been built around this service. On the other hand, the Fleet Routing API is a brand new Google Cloud service that helps companies plan routes. Users can use it to build tools for their internal fleet management systems and optimize delivery routes based on specific system constraints such as time window, package weight, and vehicle payload, and improve their stability in the process. them. goal.

Olivier Colineit, CTO and CEO of British courier company PACK, said: “At PACK, we are committed to helping some of Europe’s biggest e-commerce retailers create exceptional shipping experiences for the millions of orders we receive every month.” “To rapidly scale, we have implemented Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing to help our drivers and fleet managers maintain peak efficiency and achieve 98% first time delivery on time.”

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