May 23, 2022

Budget entrepreneurs and aspiring startup founders take note – now is not the time to procrastinate. We only have 20 early booking tickets left 2022 gaming-updates Preliminary April 14 in San Francisco.

Move or Lose: Buy Founder’s Pass for $249 And save $200. Once they run out, the price drops to $449.

The TC Early Stage Program helps new startup founders (pre-A Series) learn the core skills needed to build a successful business. No need to reinvent the wheel of launch – you can access Leading specialists in a number of specialtiesI

During this one-day startup training course, you’ll learn about legal, fundraising, marketing, development, product marketplace optimization, usage-based pricing, presentations, recruiting, and more. We are talking about enough time for workshops, roundtables and networks with over 40 engaging presentations, interactive Q&A.

Here are some examples of the topics we cover. You will find many others listed event programI

Startup Brand Building Guide: Building your brand is important in the early stages of building a business, but it is often overlooked and misunderstood. A brand is much more than a logo and a website; It is a story that reflects your values ​​and vision, guides every moment of contact and communication, and stimulates connection and emotion. Brands are interactive, so you create your own brand story when you launch, but others define it as you grow. Learn the building blocks to develop a compelling brand story that captures hearts and minds while supporting your business growth.

How to talk about business if you are a technology founder: When it comes to pitching a startup at an early stage, tech founders can sometimes neglect the business side of the conversation. To build your confidence in Talking Business, DTC’s Ryan Wexler will talk about the core principles investors want to hear about turning your technology into a fundamentally important business.

Why venture capital startups: Fundraising is an important stage in the life of any startup, but it is also a complex task that is difficult to complete successfully. The truth is how much money a startup raises and how it does so plays a vital role in the company’s future trajectory. Given the many sources of capital available, it makes sense to understand how corporate venture capital can be a successful model for startups and corporate investors.

There is another great benefit to buying a pass now. you got access to crunchmatchStart chatting with early TC participants on our AI networking platform before the event even starts.

Don’t reinvent the starting wheel. go to 2022 gaming-updates Preliminary April 14 in San Francisco, learn from the best, connect with other aspiring founders, and build a strong startup. We only have 20 early bird tickets left, Buy a Founder’s Pass for $249 now To save $200.

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