March 23, 2023

The Genius Invocation TCG is an exhilarating sport mode presented in model 3.3 of Genshin Affect. This fast moving card sport calls for tactical choices and a little of success to succeed in constant good fortune. Very similar to the sport mechanics of Genshin Affect, gamers can use elemental reactions and persona kits within the TCG, making it very important to have a well-coordinated crew and supporting playing cards to maximise efficiency. Even supposing the playable persona playing cards have been to start with restricted, model replace 3.4 added Klee and Beidou playing cards to the listing. Moreover, much more playing cards have been presented with the three.5 replace, together with Eula, Kokomi, and Sara, giving gamers a wealth of choices to experiment and experience.


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Kokomi not too long ago joined the Genius Invocation TCG as a brand new beef up persona, suitable to her position Genshin Affect Gameplay as a hydro person’s healer. This makes them a treasured addition to any crew. As a Catalyst person, she will be able to follow Hydro to the enemies within the area whilst additionally therapeutic her teammates. Her elemental talent offers further hydro injury and applies hydro to the energetic persona, which can be utilized to take away different elemental results like pyro that may deal heavy injury from elemental reactions. Kokomi’s Elemental Burst prices little power, heals her teammates, and boosts her fundamental assaults. General, Kokomi’s beef up position makes her a treasured addition to defensive however robust crew compositions.

Kokomi Card & Skills

Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG Kokomi Abilities

Obtaining the Kokomi Card and the Kokomi Skill Card within the TCG may also be achieved by means of sending a Duel Invitation to Kokomi thru The Cat’s Tail Tavern Invitation Board, which has similarities to acquiring many different persona playing cards. Avid gamers can download those playing cards by means of effectively finishing problem goals in a pleasant Fracas fit.

Customary Assault: The form of water

Number one Cube

1 hydro

Secondary Cube

2 Now not aligned


Provides 1st Hydro DMG.

Elemental Talent: Kurage’s Oath

Number one Cube

3 hydraulics


This persona wins hydro software and request 1 Bake Kurage.

particular impact

Bake Kurage

incantation Ultimate section: Deal 1 Hydro DMGheal your energetic persona by means of 1 hp. Use(s): 2

Elemental Burst: Nereid’s Upward push

Number one Cube

3 hydraulics

power prices

2 power


Provides 3 Hydro DMG. This persona wins Ceremonial Gown.

particular impact

Ceremonial Gown

standing The nature this is connected to has theirs Customary Assault Deal +1 DMG. After the nature this is connected to makes use of a regular assault: Heal 1 HP for all of your characters. Length (rounds): 2

Kokomi’s Skill Card: Tamanooya’s Coffin

Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG Kokomi Talent Card

Avid gamers can a great deal get pleasure from the use of Kokomi’s Elemental Burst because it supplies robust therapeutic to all characters and boosts the energetic persona’s fundamental assault injury. To benefit from it, gamers can use Kokomi’s ability card along with her elemental talent. You need to be certain her summon from the Elemental talent is energetic, as this ability card no longer best permits gamers to turn on the burst without delay, but in addition refreshes Bake-Kurage’s period and will increase its injury by means of 1 on the finish of the Flip. This permits gamers to maximise the therapeutic possible of Kokomi’s Elemental Ability and Burst whilst additionally dealing further injury with the summon.

Highest Kokomi Decks

Genshin Impact - Kokomi

Kokomi’s versatility as a top-tier healer and beef up determine makes her a treasured addition to quite a few crew builds. Groups that prioritize fundamental assaults and require in depth therapeutic can in particular get pleasure from her skills. Her effectiveness is amplified when paired with any other Hydro persona to profit from Hydro Resonance. Whilst she’s superb at slowing down decks, Kokomi could also be a treasured beef up determine on offensive groups that do not depend on protect skills. It’s because Kokomi plays nicely in Elemental Reaction-focused decks, permitting the primary DPS persona to deal important injury with out being worried as a lot about their HP.

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You need to be aware that fighters can nerf Kokomi’s Elemental Ability with the Ship Off card, which may also be in particular inconvenient if gamers intend to multi-summon with different characters like Mona, Xiangling, or Fischl. On the other hand, Kokomi can recall her elemental talent, despite the fact that it may be harder if her ability card has already been used. Regardless of this possible drawback, Kokomi’s skills and flexibility make her an impressive addition to any TCG deck.

Kokomi + Mona + Diona

Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG Kokomi Mona Diona

The mixing of 2 healers and the prospective to freeze make this deck probably the most defensive decks within the TCG. On the other hand, Diona is the only enabler for Cryo, that means she will have to be used often to handle Cryo software, along her talent to make use of shields and therapeutic. Switching between Mona and Kokomi’s Hydro will turn out to be useful, particularly towards decks that lack fast switch alternatives. Conversely, this deck can battle towards fighters who can industry briefly and simply, akin to B. the ones the use of Keqing. However, with two healers and protect skills, it will probably take important injury and persistently heal itself. For the ones searching for much less protection and extra energy, Diona may also be swapped out for Kaeya.

It will be significant for gamers to notice that the best combo rotation for this deck relies closely at the opponent. On the other hand, as a basic technique, gamers must get started with Mona’s elemental talent, adopted by means of Diona’s elemental talent to achieve a protect and freeze the opponent. If Mona’s summon remains intact at the subsequent flip, gamers can freeze the opponent once more in the event that they move first. On the other hand, if she comes 2nd, it is best to change to Kokomi earlier than the top of the spherical so she will be able to purify the carried out component along with her elemental talent earlier than returning to Diona to freeze the opponent once more. This deck advantages a great deal from equipment playing cards that prioritize protection, like Normal’s Historic Helm or Fortunate Canine’s Silver Circlet, which offer further coverage towards possible heavy hitters.

Kokomi + Beidou + Fischl

Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG Kokomi Beidou Fischl

This crew composition is based closely at the Electrocharged Reaction to step by step put on down the opponent’s HP whilst keeping up a defensive stance with the assistance of Beidou’s protect skills and Kokomi’s therapeutic skills. Fischl serves as the main off-field Electro-enabler, and as soon as gamers turn on her talent, they are able to transfer between Beidou and Kokomi to make sure the response remains energetic. Whilst this playstyle might appear sluggish in the beginning, gamers will quickly uncover the immense possible for top injury and completing blows as soon as each Kokomi and Beidou’s Bursts are energetic.

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Even supposing it’ll take a while to price Beidou’s Burst, the presence of 2 Electro characters in this crew permits for the environment friendly use of each Elemental Resonance playing cards to hurry up the power technology procedure for the use of Elemental Bursts as ceaselessly as imaginable.

Kokomi + Klee + Xiangling

Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG Kokomi Klee Xiangling

The primary center of attention of this deck construct is the vaporization response, and if completed accurately, has the prospective to defeat an opponent’s persona card at the first flip. Klee’s Self Buff can pack an impressive punch if the cube are treated successfully and elemental software is completed successfully. Kokomi’s Elemental Burst buff is especially really useful to Klee, permitting gamers to concentrate on each characters’ burst to permit for robust elemental makes use of. Moreover, summoning Kokomi and Xiangling on the finish of the flip can deal important injury to the opponent’s energetic persona, even though there used to be no earlier software.

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Since each Kokomi and Klee are Catalyst customers and will simply permit elemental software whilst additionally having possible for off-field software, gamers can select to make use of both one first. On the other hand, it is best to concentrate on Klee since she has extra injury possible at the area than off the sector till her burst turns on. On the other hand, this may every so often result in discrepancies within the hydro software. To mitigate this, gamers might believe the use of a personality like Xingqiu as an alternative of Xiangling, particularly towards gamers preferring fast trades and will mitigate summons.

Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG Best Action Cards-1

As a result of Kokomi can be utilized successfully in lots of crew builds, essentially as a beef up, deciding which playing cards to make use of to permit further utilities may also be tricky. Avid gamers can usually use lots of the nice motion playing cards within the sport. For individuals who wish to use their burst ceaselessly, their ability card in a versatile slot is usually a just right choice. On the other hand, it can be value the use of different characters’ ability playing cards as an alternative, e.g. B. Klee.

In maximum Kokomi crew builds, gamers can a great deal get pleasure from Elemental Resonance playing cards, which permit for quicker burst activation and better injury possible, even in defensive decks. Kokomi is especially helpful in lots of solid decks, and playing cards like Timmy or Liben are nice to make use of. With Kokomi’s important therapeutic talent, gamers have some leeway to switch out therapeutic playing cards for others, taking into account fast swaps and even further protection playing cards if desired.

Genshin Affect is now to be had on cellular, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Transfer model is in construction.

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