May 26, 2022

American Honda Executive Vice President Rick Szostak put it best in a released statement: “The announcement of a new battery-powered electric vehicle is not making headlines these days.” he is right. There seems to be a new electric car every day (including the electric DeLorean that was announced yesterday).

But this ad is different.

General Motors and Honda today announced a partnership to jointly develop affordable electric vehicles. These vehicles should reach North America by 2027. The partnership is based on the General Motors Altium EV platform (pictured above) and the strong manufacturing capabilities of both automakers.

“We plan to use these strengths to dramatically increase sales of branded compact electric vehicles,” Szostek said. “The foundation of this partnership is the strength of the relationship between GM and Honda, and the level of comfort we enjoy in joint development projects built on successful collaborations in other advanced technology projects focused on electric and autonomous vehicles.”

The exact terms of this partnership are not currently available. However, Shostec noted that Honda is not currently specifying which vehicles will use GM’s Altium EV platform or Honda’s electronic architecture platform.

“GM and Honda will share our advanced technologies, designs and manufacturing strategies to deliver affordable and desirable electric vehicles around the world, including our key markets in North America, South America and China,” said Mary Barra, GM President and CEO. “This is an important step towards achieving carbon neutrality in our products and operations worldwide by 2040 and meeting our commitment to reduce U.S. passenger vehicle emissions by 2035. Working together, we will transition people around the world to electric vehicles faster than any company alone. ,

This cooperation depends on the scale. Together, Honda and GM have one of the most reliable manufacturing and distribution processes and should be able to leverage those strengths to flood the market with electric vehicles quickly and efficiently, under certain conditions.

The two automakers have a history of working together, including a previous deal to jointly develop Honda’s first electric vehicle, the Prolog, and Acura. The two automakers are also partnering with Cruise to jointly develop the self-driving Cruise Origin.

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