May 26, 2022

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say goodbye to Q1

What weekI

If you’ve been involved with the startup news cycle lately, you’ve been busy. Y Combinator has launched hundreds of new startups, Instacart prices continue to rise, and it looks like we’re discovering parts of the startup market that are already in a period of improvement.

It’s starting to look like Q1 results: an early-stage warm market and a late-stage startup environment during a cooling period. We’ll have a better idea of ​​the full picture of the first quarter once we get all the VC data, but the starting numbers are consistent with this summary.

What awaits us will be extremely attractive. In the second quarter, a lot of startups will need to raise new capital, and many people will find the investment landscape completely strange when they were last looking for capital. What will this power be? Will unicorns use risky lending? Let’s see the parade of tours below? Small insider deals to strengthen the runway? I do not know

Listening in between the cracks, public talk about startup rollbacks can actually drag on. If it had happened earlier this year, we probably would have picked it up.

But what we can say is that the news storm of the past few weeks has been instructive. From falling tech stocks to retreating unicorns and early stage hype, we live in a strange time, but I think we can bow and move on for now. on Q2.

Bale of Vanity+

This little newsletter was launched from my daily gaming-updates+ column behind our paywall. Launched a few years ago under the Xtra Crunch brand, our foray into the subscription media space has been an exciting journey.

Last week we announced That I will take on the duties of editor-in-chief of gaming-updates+, which I am very happy about. And obviously more than polite, but saying it right now is a cliché, so we can move on.

A few comments about what’s in store for us at the moment seem appropriate given that regular submissions to the exchange have been the mainstay of gaming-updates+’s messaging flow since late 2019, meaning you’re on the All Giants project. By the way, thanks.

gaming-updates+ has reached physical scale, which means we have a large customer base, solid proof that we’re doing something worthwhile, and that the wider gaming-updates community is ready to support this work. The even better news is that we’re investing in gaming-updates+ this year and we’ll have more employees and a lot of great ideas ahead of us. We aim not only to communicate and write more, but also to broaden our field of vision a bit to provide a wider range of content.

that’s why Jacqueline is on board For writing about the fascinating, harrowing, and fast-paced world of cryptography. We’ll be announcing more names soon in other areas, including the areas I’ve traditionally written for you.

If you care about startups, gaming-updates+ is not only alive but growing. It’s a good news. One of the great things about having a subscription service as part of a publish is that you can literally waste a little more space than you’d like. This means that exchanges can sometimes focus on one starting topic and spend an endless amount of time figuring out the mechanics. Our work on the 2021 business boom, the 2020 consumer fintech explosion, and the 2022 startup recession are just a few examples.

gaming-updates is under construction this year. Part of this work is the acceleration of gaming-updates+. I think I should end this with some pitch, right? I’ll give it a try: try gaming-updates+ this year if that makes sense. If the right article makes you start swearing at paywall, I hope we get your attention and, well, money this year.

Hug, be kind to each other, and I’ll talk to you on Monday. – Alexey

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