May 25, 2022

French startup Fleet aims to be your IT department’s best friend by managing hardware as a service. Fleet customers can rent computers and smartphones for a fixed monthly fee. In the event of a hardware problem, Startup takes care of the return and repair.

And when it’s time for an upgrade, the park can trade in old business laptops and smartphones for new ones. Customers can view their current devices in the admin interface.

The company offers a wide range of equipment. For example, a 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro chip and 16GB of RAM currently costs €99.90 per device per month. The MacBook Air M1 starts at $54.90 per device per month. An iPhone 13 with 128GB of storage will cost you €44.90 per month.

You’ll find Microsoft laptops (Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop 4, and Surface Pro 7), Dell PCs, and even some Chromebooks. When the device reaches the end of its life and is returned to the fleet, the company donates it to a non-profit organization, sells it to repair companies, or recycles it.

Fleet is a start-up startup that did not raise venture capital funding. But it’s progressing well, as the company expects to generate $13.1m (€12m) in annual revenue at its current pace.

It currently has 600 clients, including some well-known French startups such as AncorStore, Ornicar, Sunday, Matera, Cuban, Vimenten and Shine. And today, the company is launching a device-as-a-service offering in Spain. The company will also open an office in Barcelona.

Further expansion is planned in Europe as many fleet suppliers are already able to distribute throughout Europe. The company considers Portugal, Italy, Germany and Belgium as the next markets.

Many companies prefer to buy devices directly for their employees. But there are high upfront costs, which means you don’t have a supplier to help you in case of hardware problems.

Companies are looking for ways to turn these large capital investments into operating expenses. For example, a company may arrange a line of credit with its bank to purchase equipment.

And it’s important to understand the Fleet business model. The startup interacts directly with financial partners and leasing companies, so Fleet customers just need to create an account and submit a few documents. They can see if they can order a laptop in minutes. The fleet then becomes just another service provider that does all the hard work for you.

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