March 22, 2023

Jonah, the grasp of swords, performs a vital function in Villain Legacy 2s tale. However he is additionally one of the most primary bosses within the sport, with large HP and fatal DPS. So the massive query for plenty of newcomers is: how one can defeat jonah? This information supplies an actionable technique for doing so.

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The place can I in finding Jonah?

To seek out Jonah Kill the entire primary estuaries and move to Castle Agartha. A golden door will seem, opening onto the Lawn of Eden the place Jonah is living. Within the lawn, move left till a stump (lifeless tree) seems at the horizon.


How do you defeat Jonah, the grasp of swords?

Image shows how to beat Jonah in Rogue Legacy 2.

Jonah is a md up shut. to hit him Keep away and use projectiles. Jonah has six assaults, the deadliest being his particular assault. However his weak point is ranged strikes that gamers can use to defeat him.

To counter all of his assaults:

  • The waiter’s bouncing spoons. Dodge the spoons by way of operating backwards.
  • The Barbarian’s Spinning Awl. Dodge with a typical or double bounce.
  • The deliveryman’s pizza. Kick the floating pizzas with a spin kick to ruin them.
  • The ranger’s volley of arrows. Damage the floating pizzas with spin kick.
  • The Sprint of the Ronin. Cancel the dash or move out of vary to dodge.
  • The Jonas Particular. Keep between the gaps within the lightning moves.

Find out how to defeat the redeemed Jonah in NG+7?

All through NG+7, Jonah turns into a lot more competitive. To overcome his redeemed persona, Select a medium or lengthy vary elegance like Gunslinger or Ronin and drain its HP with Poison Bomb– or any other related spell.

Remember the fact that not like different bosses like Estuary Lamech, Jonah has no touch harm. So a excellent technique is to milk crucial strokes. Making improvements to Dexterity may be a good suggestion because it will increase crucial harm (even if it reduces sources earned).

What’s the highest elegance to defeat the traitor?

Since Jonah is predicated totally on bodily harm, the most productive elegance to make use of is to overcome him a medium or lengthy vary selection like Ronin or Boxer. The previous is most suitable for shut battle because of the katana. However the latter, together with blasting gloves, is perfect for projectile assaults.

Villain Legacy 2 is now to be had for Transfer, Xbox and PC.

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