May 25, 2022

Only a week left before the start A bale of vanity at an early stage April 14 in San Francisco. This one-day summit is not only the best learning tool for new or aspiring founders, but also our first live event since Before Times. We welcome you and provide you with access to industry experts, critical information and opportunities for a successful startup.

Dance of the Last Chance: We only have a few tickets left and this event will be sold out. Avoid the unfortunate case of FOMO and buy pass now Now it’s still possible.

Last week we told you about the sessions of our partners, AWS, Brex, Mayfield and Dellthat can help you grow your business. Expert-led participant sessions provide in-depth insights into specific topics and technologies. These are shorter and more focused presentations, so you have time to ask questions, get answers, and explore possible solutions or opportunities for collaboration.

Get ready for another load of wisdom from these new affiliate sessions:

How to become a player” – Roundtable on creating a successful MVP

The purpose of this roundtable is to discuss and learn how to use the design thinking methodology to create an experience that combines content, creativity and collaboration when creating the first version of your product. Ultimately, founders will be able to overcome common obstacles in moving from idea to product stage.

Beyond the Round: Make the Most of Investor Relations

with the support of

Today, many venture capitalists provide founders with more than just capital—they can provide helpful advice, open doors to the right partners, and help provide operational services that get your business off the ground and grow it. Listen to Samsung NEXT with YC alumnus Craftful and leading marketplace NFT Supreyer as they talk about how the right investors are using their cap table to fuel their launch and growth efforts.

A bale of vanity at an early stage The meeting will take place on April 14, but we only have a few tickets left before the event goes on sale! Don’t waste a minute buy pass now And avoid blocking at the initial stage. We want to see you in San Francisco!

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