May 28, 2022

DJI, the quintessentially ambitious company, is bringing its technology closer to Earth with the Super-Handed Duo Microphone. DJI Mic packs a five-hour recording into a small package with a wireless headphone form factor. The two microphones and receiver fold into a convenient charging case when not in use, making it a great solution for recording on the go.

DJI’s microphone delivers “crystal-clear sound over long distances” with an impressive 5.5-hour battery life that can go up to 15 hours if you take a break to charge with devices in the charging case between recording shots. take time off. Project. Over the years I have done many outdoor photo shoots and video conferences and I can’t tell you how long I’ve been craving this solution. I haven’t tested it myself yet, but if it lives up to the hype, I might see DJI selling these kits on the boat.

The entire system consists of two microphone transmitters, a receiver and a pocket-sized charging case that fits easily into a bag or pocket. It works with smartphones, cameras and action cameras that support line-in. The system is factory paired, so all you need to do is remove the various components from the charger and everything will be paired and ready to go. The microphone consists of a clip and magnetic plate, and the receiver has a small touch screen that provides information about volume settings, channel selection and other expected settings.

The transmitters weigh 30 grams – heavy for a lava microphone, but lighter for a transmitter. In practice, gluing the lapel can be too rough, but if you’re wearing a reasonably durable jacket or sweater, it should stay in place.

The real magic that DJI is adding here is not relying on crappy radio technology – its drone technology has taught the company a thing or two about real-time transmission technology over long distances, and DJI has a 250-meter range for its microphones. . That’s higher than most wireless mics, and given that the majority of the time you’ll be using the Lava mic, it won’t be more than 30 feet away, which gives you plenty of wiggle room.

Not gonna lie, my video geek is excited about this. Chic is written in the form factor of wireless headphones. image credit: DJI

Another cool feature is that each microphone has 8GB of internal storage and a USB-C connection for copying locally recorded audio to and from the transmitter. Boom, split audio files to make audio editing easier. The files are 24-bit WAV files at 48 kHz for maximum sound quality.

The receiver supports Lightning, USB-C and 3.5mm connections so you can connect and record to your heart’s content.

The kit went on sale today for $329. It’s no small change, but based on the specs alone, I expect the company to see it disappear from store shelves. If the rating lives up to the promise, they might have a serious winner.

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