May 26, 2022

FedEx is working on a new feature for its consumer mobile app that will make it more competitive with the popular Shopify Shop app. One of the main advantages of the Shopify store is how users can track their purchases and shipments from various services, including not only Shopify, but also Amazon, as well as other deliveries that are made through FedEx, UPS, USPS and other services. tracking information is imported from user mailboxes. Meanwhile, FedEx is moving in the same direction with the CrossTrack feature, which tracks a user’s expected delivery in a separate section of the tab that displays FedEx deliveries.

The feature shared by the developer with gaming-updates is currently in development.

It shows how the search and track screen of the mobile app will be divided into two tabs, one labeled “FedEx” and the other labeled “Crosstrack”. In the CrossTrack tab, users of the FedEx app can view their upcoming purchases, sender information such as Target, eBay, or Wayfair, and the scheduled delivery date next to the tracking number. When an element is inside, the app will indicate this with green text and a green checkmark.

image credit: Screenshot of the FedEx mobile app

Unlike the Shopify store, this advanced functionality doesn’t extend to purchases or product recommendations, according to FedEx – it’s just for tracking purposes.

The company confirmed the development of the feature with a statement.

“FedEx is constantly exploring digital experience concepts to meet the needs of our customers. This is one of the many things we have tested with customers,” a FedEx spokesperson said. The company declined to provide further details about this feature, nor did it confirm whether the term “Crosstrack” actually means “not via FedEx” shipping. But it’s hard to imagine any other use case for the two tabs in the app’s tracking section — only one of which is called “FedEx” — for a different purpose. (We gave FedEx a chance to correct this “Crosstrack” description, but they declined to release anything more than their claim.)

Growth, as described, will be interesting because it reflects the competitive pressure Shopify is putting on the broader industry. With the boom in e-commerce due to changing consumers due to the pandemic, the ability to track all packages in one app has become a major benefit of Shopify. Today’s Shopify app ranked 4th in the Shopping category and has a remarkable 4.8 star rating based on almost 3 million reviews in response to consumer demand for this type of offering. FedEx would do well if it served its audience with a similar function.

It is worth noting that FedEx, like most large companies, is testing many new products, and only a few of them make it to the masses. In this case, the Crosstrack product should be a “concept” that FedEx is testing, as we understand it, but not a concept that the company wants to announce in terms of a public launch.

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