December 4, 2022

As he not too long ago left a cafe, federal brokers stopped John Eastman and confiscated his telephone.

Eastman needs his telephone again:

Why did the FBI clutch John Eastman’s telephone in June 2022?

It’s logical to think that he has reason why to consider that Eastman remains to be engaged in felony actions. Figuring out Donald Trump’s historical past along with his supporters, at the same time as he is thinking about felony fees, it would not be a wonder if the FBI learns that Eastman and Trump are nonetheless in contact.

John Eastman was once an best friend of Donald Trump conspiring to scouse borrow the 2020 election effects. If the FBI remains to be seizing Eastman’s apparatus, that may be dangerous information for Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, or any conspirators curious about a plot to overthrow the federal government via election fraud.

It seems like Trump is making an attempt to arrange Eastman for the downfall, but when Eastman seems to be sensible, he’s going to take Trump with him.

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