May 25, 2022

Today, the gaming-updates team covered the first day of the Y Combinator Winter 2022 demo day. Half of the 394 companies plan to visualize virtually. Since the total batch is larger than ever – 414 companies in total – we decided to provide, win and create a full range of YC Demo Day trending materials for you to analyze them by group. It’s not all-inclusive – you can feel free to browse the Y Combinator blog for a list – but instead, we wanted to point out the hype, as well as some of our favorite companies this season.

Before you look at all of our coverage from day one, take a look at some comprehensive cohort statistics and commentary. The 34th YC demo to date, an all-virtual cohort, was the first group to receive the new standard Y Combinator deal. The deal, which was announced in January, is a $500,000 investment in two checks for the same equity stake as before, 7%. Other new additions to the 2022 YC Demo Day series include representatives from New Zealand, Sudan, Uganda and Costa Rica.

Regardless of the growth of the Czech Republic, the geographic focus and the overall size of the party, the YC demonstration day was notable for its diversity. About 10% of founders in this group identify as women, compared to 12% in the party before it. About 6% of founders in this group identify as black, up only 4% from last year, and 12% identify as LatinX, up from 15% a year ago.

Thanks to our team – Mary Ann, Kate, Connie, Lucas, Devin, Alex, Alyssa, Amanda, Anna, Bryce, Greg, Henry and Teiju for working together.

Ok! Without further ado, here’s what we started today:

YC Demo Day Favorites by TC Part 1

gaming-updates employees spend a lot of time learning about the technologies startups create, the industries they target, and the parts of the world they hope to serve. As a result, each of us looks at YC Demo Day differently.

Among the hundreds of companies we reviewed today, which one caught the attention of gaming-updates employees? Read more here!

Indian Startups at YC Demo Day

More than 191 companies in India have received funding through the YC accelerator, of which almost half have been accepted in the past 12 months. This year, YC Demo Day plans to tackle a lot of technology issues, but it looks like it will mainly focus on the financial services industry. Think “buy now, pay later” offers, a savings-focused neobank, and, of course, bitcoin staking. This is different from previous experiences where most YC startups in India fall under the category of B2B services.

Here is the complete list of startups in India in winter 2022.

Fintech YC Demo Day Party

According to the organization’s directory, 35 fintech companies are participating in the YC Demo Day this year, more than double the number of participants in the winter 2021 group and another 18 companies in the summer schedule. We’ve listed each startup with thoughts on the broader problem they’re trying to solve. What strikes you the most about this year’s group is the sheer number of companies from Nigeria, Indonesia and Argentina.

Here is a list of fintech startups showcased at YC Demo Day 2022.

Startups in Africa at YC Demo Day

America has the most representation at YC Demo Day W2022. India is the second largest demographic represented in this new group with 32 startups, while Nigeria is third with 18 startups. For the first time, an African country is in the top three. This new batch consists of 24 startups across Africa, surpassing the S21 record (15).

Read the alphabetical list of African startups at YC W22 here.

Competing startups in one YC package

YC seems to be actively leaning towards startups of almost the same age, operating in similar countries and targeting similar opportunities with almost similar business models. While these types of in-class businesses have become inevitable as the size of the YC class has grown, the same type of business is more evident than ever with the latest group of 400 startups. In fact, it looks like the plan here is to support as many up-and-coming rival teams as possible and then let them fight it out.

We’ve rounded up some of the startups that seem to cross paths with us through this W22 YC Demo Day series. Read our report here.

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