May 26, 2022

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of Found. A podcast where we discuss startup stories. This week, always health Founder and CEO Julia Cheek talks about steps taken to revolutionize healthcare by helping patients access all types of medical tests, giving healthcare providers the data they need to provide the best care. Darrell As well as Jordan met Julia for the first time gaming-updates violation in 2016 When she was a self-proclaimed “fish out of water”. In this episode, she shares her journey from new founder to CEO to capable leader who strategically acquired companies to build a holistic and vertically integrated home device testing company. Tune in to hear them talk about:

  • How Everly Health developed the first FDA-approved home test for COVID-19 and why it was anything but the centerpiece of the company.
  • Behaviors in the healthcare system are changing to empower patients with home testing, which also gives doctors the data they need when a patient arrives. To make this major change happen, Everly Health cannot be the only success story in this area.
  • It is not easy to grow into a company with more than 600 employees. Julia talks about the growth challenges that arose when Everlywell became Everly Health by acquiring two healthcare companies and how it affected her leadership style. In addition, she shares her thoughts on how to build a sustainable business that is not tied directly to one particular person.

Everly Health is an Austin based company. Be sure to check out the gaming-updates City Spotlight this week in Austin, Texas. Respond to the invitation to join the Hoppin’ conversation.

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