December 6, 2022

Devin Nunez attempted to assert that Trump lobbied Musk to shop for Twitter, however Musk refused.

Nunes instructed Fox Trade: “We’re excited by it. In truth, President Trump, Elon Musk mentioned, before you purchase it, pass forward and purchase it, for the reason that purpose of our corporate is to in reality construct a group the place individuals are in a circle of relatives and protected atmosphere.

Musk denies this:

Any individual is certainly mendacity, and because Devin Nunes is now operating for a person who loves to take credit score for issues that experience not anything to do with him, and he’s going to run for president once more in 2024, he desires to run, so he suspects Nunes is mendacity.

Consequently, Twitter’s percentage value continues to fall as it kind of feels like Musk has picked a in reality dangerous time for a possible acquire of the social community.

When even Elon Musk, who has issues of the reality, claims that Nunes is mendacity, it speaks to the credibility of Nunes, Trump and Reality Social.

Elon Musk’s try to shop for Twitter failed. Gas to the fireplace got here Donald Trump and Devin Nunez.

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