December 8, 2022

Following a Twitter publish about an RNC seizure of eleven,000 kilos of meth on the border, Rep. Eric Swalwell requested why Republicans oppose police investment.

Trade between Swelllevel and RNC:

Republicans vote towards police investment

It is not with regards to further police investment, as Rep. Swellwell identified. Republicans additionally voted towards investment police to struggle gun crime.

Republicans within the Senate within the months following the 1/6 bombing have been drawn into investment the Capitol’s police power and voted a number of occasions towards further investment for native police departments.

Republicans do not keep in mind that confiscating medicine on the border is a great factor. Which means legislation enforcement companies are blockading the access of unlawful medicine into the rustic.

The Republican Birthday celebration believes that it’s Joe Biden’s fault that individuals are seeking to smuggle medicine into the rustic.

As Rep. Swalwell identified, it was once the Republican Birthday celebration that attempted to defund legislation enforcement companies in order that they may now not do their activity successfully.

Believe how a lot more efficient legislation enforcement might be if Republicans stopped vote casting towards their investment.

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