May 25, 2022

Hello and welcome to Found, a podcast where we share startup stories. This week Darrell As well as Jordan Space spoke with Laura Crabtree, co-founder and CEO of Epsilon 3, a SaaS company that helps companies complete complex design, test, and operations processes. Here is a taste of what they will consider in their conversation:

  • Epsilon 3 has a surprisingly wide market penetration. Crabtree explains how investors ask him what the market is, and he replies that not only is a new space industry thriving, but there are many industries that need help organizing complex projects and missions. For example, they are partnering with a hyperspace company and a marine exploration company.
  • Pricing as a SaaS company. They talk about a balance between price transparency and flexibility. Crabtree talks about why talking to and selling startups is one of her favorite parts of her job.
  • Relations between investors and founders. There are many horror stories when it comes to building your investment table, but the three founders of Epsilon 3 have created a team of consultants that they consider part of their team.

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