May 23, 2022

DoorDash has confirmed it is testing a new feature called “Package Return” that will allow customers to use the service to return packages to their nearest post office, UPS or FedEx. The feature is part of a small beta and is not yet widely available, DoorDash said, but declined to say which markets offer options.

To use the service, the customer first decides to return the parcel in the application. They should already have a fully sealed package with a prepaid shipping label. The DoorDash courier will then arrive to pick up the package and deliver it to the nearest physical store or post office. They will not deliver packages to a separate Dropbox.

A DoorDash spokesperson told gaming-updates, “DoorDash is always looking for new ways to bring unique experiences and experiences to the communities we serve through our platform.” “We are constantly researching and testing new innovations to deliver greater value to our customers, drivers and business partners.”

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A screenshot from DoorDash suggests that courier tracking may be different for this shipping option, which isn’t surprising because, unlike most DoorDash orders, you’re sending a package, not receiving an order.

“This store decides whether the courier or delivery person will deliver your order,” the screenshot also says. “The store and its carrier may receive your name, address, shipping instructions, and phone number to assist you with delivery.”

In terms of compensation, Dashers that process package returns receive the same amount as they would for any other order on the marketplace, the company said.

With this new feature, DoorDash aims to help customers avoid the tedious task of taking packages to the post office to process returns. The company notes that returns are common, but they can take a long time. So the company wanted to create a way to streamline the return process by using the existing local logistics infrastructure. DoorDash also stated that its app providers are always looking for new ways to make money on the platform and this new feature will give them an additional opportunity to do so.

DoorDash isn’t the only delivery company to offer this kind of service. In 2015, Uber offered customers a “limited” option to send return packages to post offices. This feature was called Refunds and was operated by UberRush, which was discontinued in 2018. Similarly, a former on-demand delivery startup called Shyp was offered a service that picks up packages and delivers them to their destination. The company went out of business in 2018 after it struggled to find a scalable model outside of its San Francisco launch pad.

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