May 26, 2022

The DigiLocker app, which allows Indians to digitize and store copies of over 560 different documents, including government-issued ID cards, has over 100 million users.

The app, developed over six years ago by India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, is New Delhi’s attempt to create a paperless governance ecosystem.

People physically need a lot of documents in their daily life: identification at the airport or train station, for example, school and university certificates, school and university certificates when applying for a job. Identity card and policy when submitting insurance claims.

DigiLocker uses an API to extract, digitize and store most of these documents, as well as for identity verification and other issues by almost all government agencies, various fintech services and almost all insurance companies. Each user is provided with 1 GB of disk space.

The app, which had 38 million users in 2020, now stores around 5 billion documents, according to official figures. A truly shocking statistic for this unique platform.

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