May 26, 2022

If you’ve been following the 2021-22 Formula One season, you know the latest episode of Netflix Formula 1: Race to Survive It will definitely be bullshit.

Luckily, the wait is almost over. ride to survive Season 4 kicked off on March 11, and Netflix released the show’s official trailer today.

Here’s what:

Few shows have had such a profound impact on the game as ride to survive Formula 1 for.

According to the Guardian, overall ratings for Formula 1 itself are up over 40% in 2021, making it the most popular season in US Formula 1 history. The publication says that the game has produced approximately 73 copies. pair One million fans around the world last year.

Americans who have primarily chosen NASCAR, if not motorsport, are fighting enough for the sport to add a second American race in Miami this year. And yes, supposedly there is a beach club in Miami fashion in the middle of the alley.

You can’t draw a straight line from the Netflix documentaries to the development of Formula 1, but it seems clear that there is at least a correlation, if not direct causation.

But there is another side to this coin. As a new F1 fan who was drawn to the documentary, I noticed an incredibly common perception among OG F1 fans: they say Netflix shows have ruined the sport.

For reference, let me briefly tell you about this latest Formula One season.

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS has been a major player in Formula 1 for nearly ten years now. The team won first place in the World Constructors’ Championship (how good is your car?) and won first place in the World Drivers’ Championship (how good is your car) for seven years. in a row. Your driver?) … until last year.

As major changes to the sporting rules are expected, Mercedes has decided to focus most of its resources and energy on the 2022 season and car, debuting behind rival Red Bull Racing for first place. So it was.

Max Verstappen (bad guy and Red Bull’s leading F1 driver) and Mercedes’ Sir Lewis Hamilton (seven-time champion and multiple record holder) went head to head throughout the season, swapping first and second places – or, most notably, for second place – almost all races.

Hamilton fell behind in the last four races and won the first three. The champion of 21-22 years had to decide on the final race in Abu Dhabi. Seasonal drivers are rare in the sport, especially since Mercedes has completely taken over.

Hamilton led most of the final race despite heavy efforts by Checo Pérez (Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate) to hold him back and give Verstappen a chance to overtake. A pair of safety cars, one virtual and one real, forced Verstappen to switch to new tyres, while Hamilton and Mercedes decided to keep track conditions and start on old tyres.

(The “safety car” will leave during the warning period due to an obstacle on the track or other incident. Safety car regulations require runners to slow down and not be allowed to overtake.)

This is where things get incredibly hairy.

The last safety car had an accident. The rules state that during the safety car, all crossing cars must overtake the safety car and take their place in the actual car order. (Cars can often be confused with lapping or driving into the pits to change a tire.) The rules also state that after all cars with lap times are in their correct positions in the queue, the safety car will complete an additional lap. Take off before takeoff, after which the races will resume at the starting line.

FIA director Michael Massey ignored these rules and allowed the cars between Hamilton (leader) and Verstappen (P2) to explode. Soon he brought the safety car on his knees.

In other words, the race had to end under the safety car, which would have been disappointing but also true to the rules of the game. However, this did not happen.

With the new tyres, Verstappen easily overtook Hamilton on the final lap to win the race and the Drivers’ Championship.

Unsurprisingly, many F1 fans believe the authorities have changed history to put new Netflix fans into a trance. To be clear, this was not the first “questionable” call of the season, which seemed to be at the level of Hamilton and Verstappen.

The suggestion that the integrity of the game is being violated would be upsetting for longtime fans.

Others, like Red Bull Racing Team boss Christian Horner (who is arbitrarily married to Ginger Spice), are happy with Netflix’s influence, though their feelings are confusing at best and misogynistic at best.

As I said, I am a new fan of Formula 1. Consequently From Drive to Survive, so I’m clearly biased. But I think that what captivates the audience is an exciting, challenging, adrenaline-fueled sport, which is probably a good thing.

Do I think it’s right to change or change the rules in order to create a better story? Never. I say this is exactly what happened? I have no idea.

All I know is that I am ready to take on the next Drive to Survive season on Friday and bring that energy straight into the 22-23 Formula One season. who is with me

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