May 25, 2022

bear could be Do you think this is a down market for decentralized finance (DeFi) chains, with the aggregate value locked across all decentralized finance (DeFi) chains, which is already lower but has been true for most major protocols over the last week? did not have.

According to DeFi Lama data, only 18 of the top 100 networks have lost value in the past seven days. The rest follow a rising tide, driven by demand and the enthusiasm of early adopters.

The Terra blockchain protocol reached a new TVL peak on March 22 of $27.45 billion, up 68% from a month earlier, and Curve, a decentralized liquidity pool on Ethereum, took the top spot from TVL, climbing 13.4%. to $20.41 billion compared to a week earlier.

Total Locked Value or TVL for all DeFi protocols is the sum of all cryptoassets that offer rewards, interest, etc.

Overall on-chain retention was down about 16% in early December 2021, but market participants believe the DeFi space is still in its infancy and has room to grow.

“At a high level, TVL is a good indicator of user trust in various DeFi protocols, namely blue-chip protocols like Maker, Away, Uniswap,” said Derek Lim, head of Crypto Insights at crypto exchange Bybit. ,

“It is also indicative of user acceptance that the DeFi protocol has significant added value. While TVL presents the definitive picture of the DeFi landscape, it does not provide the full picture.”

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