June 3, 2023

Kasugai crows play crucial position in aiding the demon slayers of their quests on the planet of Demon Hunter, the place swords struggle with darkness. Those clever and adaptable creatures function couriers, sending essential data to demon slayers in quite a lot of places. Kasugai Crows have transform indispensable companions for warriors in battles in opposition to demons because of their talent to trip briefly and speak successfully.

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Status as watchful sentinels amidst chaos and crisis, the Kasugai Crows embrace loyalty as they navigate the shadows. Visual within the Demon Hunter Within the sequence, their wings now not most effective raise bodily messages, but additionally an unstated connection between demon slayers.


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7 Zenitsu’s Sparrow—Chuntaro


A Kasugai Crow running with the Demon Slayer Corps Ukogi (nicknamed Chuntaro), Zenitsu’s “Crow” is maximum notable for being a sparrow. When his circle of relatives used to be killed via demons, the sparrow possibly took all that grief upon himself and joined the Demon Slayer Corps. Chuntaro seemed within the anime’s first season after passing the Kasugai crow take a look at and has remained unswerving to Zenitsu ever since.

The sparrow Chuntaro is the one Kasugai “crow” within the sequence that, in contrast to many different crows, can not talk. Whilst some crows be capable of talk in each portions and entire sentences, Chuntaro is not able and nonetheless lives as much as his obligations.

6 Mitsuri’s Crow – Urara


Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Hashira, is a cheerful and loving younger lady with lengthy purple hair, a singular butterfly-shaped hairpin, and remarkable combating talents. Regardless of her delicate demeanor, she is without doubt one of the maximum robust demon slayers within the sequence. Mitsuru’s Crow can’t be overemphasized, as Kasugai Crows immediately or not directly give a contribution to their Demon Slayer’s energy.

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Regardless of his anxiousness, Urara is an irreplaceable asset to Mitsuru. Urara additionally wears a crown reminiscent of a shamrock, very similar to the tsuba of Mitsuri’s Nichirin sword, and ceaselessly meets with Mitsuru for tea. As well as, she (Urara) is rumored to have a penchant for the ones with a candy enamel, as she often beverages tea with Mitsuru.

5 Tengen’s Crow – Nijimaru


Tengen Uzui stood out some of the Hashira for his unique demeanor and style sense, and his crow adopted him. Whilst Tengen debuted within the anime’s twenty first episode, his crow used to be presented within the Leisure District arc of the anime and manga sequence.

Tengen’s crow Nijimaru adopted in his footsteps as she wears jewellery to adorn herself. Tengen’s crow, together with her good looks and wit, used to be essential in his staff’s communique. Alternatively, something is sure: of the entire Kasugai crows, Nijimaru is obviously essentially the most stylish.

4 Muichiro’s Crow – Ginko


Muichiro Tokito is a talented demon slayer with a sad backstory. Muichiro educated so laborious, the use of his terrifying heritage as gas, that he changed into a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps at a tender age. Whilst he will not be happy with his accomplishments, his crow Ginko, who first seems in the second one episode of season 3, is a unique tale.

Muichiro’s crow Ginko is smitten together with her grasp. Together with her distinguished eyelashes, she behaves condescendingly in opposition to Tanjiro and does now not get along side him, his crow, and different crows. Ginko is immensely happy with Muichiro and does not let the opposite demon slayers belittle him.

3 Tanjiro’s Crow – Matsuemon


Kamado Tanjiro, the protagonist of the Demon Hunter Anime sequence is exclusive. His talent to learn the “threads of future” units him with the exception of the opposite demon slayers. Matsuemon’s Kasugai crow, like Tanjiro, is prominent from different crows via its personal identify. That is extraordinary in different crows, as they’re given their names via the present oyakata-sama and their appointed masters.

Matsuemon has demonstrated remarkable intelligence all through the sequence. It resented Zenitsu after assembly him, believing that Zenitsu should not be chasing ladies, however will have to as a substitute lead them to chase him like he does.

2 Gyomei’s Crow – Zekka

Gyomei's Crow, Gyomei and Genya

The demon slayers hurricane into the Infinity Fortress to struggle the demons there Demon Hunter Infinity Fortress Arc of the sequence. At this level, the Demon Slayers took the initiative to defeat Muzan. A Kasugai crow stood out from the entire commotion that broke out between the demons and the demon slayers.

Gyomei Himejima’s crow, Zekka, reported to his grasp the ever-changing fight state of affairs, demonstrating that he may, up to some degree, stay alongside of the fight(s) to return. Doing this in Infinity Fortress (Muzan’s territory) displays Zekka’s devotion to his grasp and victory over the demons. And that’s the reason what units him with the exception of his friends.

1 Sanemi’s Crow – Sorai

Sorai talks to Sanemi

Sanemi Shinazugawa, the hot-blooded and tenacious wind Hashira, changed into a really perfect asset to the Demon Slayer Corps, as did its Kasugai crow, Sorai. Whilst Sorai has now not but starred within the Demon Slayer anime sequence, the manga sequence has proven how helpful he will also be in bad instances.

Sorai briefly spoke up when Muzan, the supply of the demons, attacked the Ubuyashiki mansion. This demonstrated unusual bravery and resolution to position an finish to the demons fairly than flee when the Demon Slayers HQ used to be compromised. Regardless that different crows will have carried out the similar beneath equivalent instances, Sorai proved unswerving when given the chance.

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