May 25, 2022

DeLorean, the automaker behind the gull-winged pop culture icon, has made new teaser image and a launch date for an all-electric vehicle concept meant to revive the brand.

The upcoming electric car concept is the latest attempt by Stephen Wynn, who owns the DeLorean name and supplies parts for nearly 6,000 remaining vehicles, to revive the brand. Wynn has worked with several executives in Texas who have most recently joined Karma Automotive. DeLorean Motors Company CEO Joost de Vries was formerly of Karma.

The teaser image shows Three-quarter shot of the car, especially the left shoulder and taillights of the concept car. Not much is known, but if DeLorean follows the path of almost any other automaker, we can expect many more teasers.

In a LinkedIn post, de Vries wrote: “Yes teaser because it doesn’t show the whole car yet, but great shot from last quarter! Looking forward to sharing with you soon…”

The new electric vehicle concept, first announced as part of a social media campaign ahead of Super Bowl LVI, will debut during Monterey Car Week in August, the company announced on Monday. In addition to the presentation, DeLorean will also announce the official name of the car. The DeLorean EV Concept will be unveiled on the Pebble Beach Concept Lawn on August 21 during Monterey Car Week.

In a statement, the company said “the DeLorean’s past, present and future will be revealed through a series of events and events showcasing the vehicle during Monterey Car Week.”

Concept is the key word here, meaning that the future as a car that consumers will be able to buy and drive is unclear. This image could end up in the trash, like many concept cars before it. Getting a car into production requires capital—and more. Just ask Fisker, Rivian, Lucid and six other startups that have tried to design and manufacture electric vehicles.

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