Dakota Johnson Had the Best Response After Being Cut Off

Since early on, Dakota Johnson realized she needed to be an entertainer.

This reality was affirmed when her dad, Don Johnson, showed up on the March 9 scene of Late Night With Seth Meyers and reviewed a discussion he had with the 31-year-old star back when she was in secondary school. The subject came up after Seth Meyers inquired as to whether Dakota at any point does or asked Don for profession counsel.

“That transport left. She needn’t bother with any counsel from me,” the 71-year-old entertainer answered. “The amusing thing about her is—we have a standard in the family that, you know, on the off chance that you stay in school, you will remain on the finance. In this way, you attend a university, you will remain on the finance.

Towards the finish of secondary school, I went to her and I said as much, ‘would you like to go visit a few universities?’ Or something to that effect. What’s more, she resembled, ‘Gracious, no. I’m not heading off to college.'”

The Knives Out alum told his girl this implied she “will not be on the finance any longer” and asked how she was “going to oversee.” But Dakota essentially outlined for him, “Don’t you stress over it.”

He unquestionably didn’t need to. “After three weeks she had made certain about that part in David Fincher’s The Social Network,” Don said, “and the rest is, will we say, film history.”

Dakota Johnson’s Best Looks

Dakota really handled her first part before the age of 10. She showed up in the 1999 film Crazy in Alabama—which featured her mother, entertainer Melanie Griffith. Furthermore, after The Social Network, she proceeded to act in various different movies, including the Fifty Shades arrangement, How to Be Single, Suspiria and Bad Times at the El Royale.

“She doesn’t actually call me for counsel,” Don said. “She calls me to say, ‘Gosh, I would see you, however I have three pictures I’m taking shots simultaneously.'”

As well as discussing Dakota, Don talked about showing up in the Emmy-winning arrangement Watchmen and dealing with Kenan Thompson’s new show Kenan.

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