May 25, 2022

D-ID, an Israeli company that uses artificial intelligence to create unique, viral experiences like “deep nostalgia” that brings the faces of long-lost relatives to life in your old photos, today raised $25 Series B funding. . The additional funding from Macquarie Capital comes shortly after D-ID recently launched LiveStory, a deeply nostalgic project that adds sound to animated photos, allowing the people in the photos to tell their life stories.

The company also recently announced plans to launch its Wishful mobile app for artificial intelligence-powered video greetings.

Deep nostalgia and LiveStory, created in collaboration with MyHeritage, helped make D-ID’s name famous as the resulting animations went viral on social media like TikTok and users wanted to see their loved ones again in this new format. your emotional reactions to the MyHeritage Mobile App is testament to D-ID’s success here, with a 4.8-star rating in 42.3k user reviews, many praising the AI-powered animation. To date, Deep Nostalgia alone has created about 100 million animations, according to the company.

Earlier this month, D-ID extended deep nostalgia technology to train a neural network to “speak” using videos of people interacting in user-supplied animated photos to match words in pictures to given words. While the technology isn’t advanced enough to break into deepfake territory, it’s actually very similar to good lip syncing – or as the company put it at the time.

However, D-ID’s broader business goes beyond partnerships with consumer technology such as MyHeritage or, in India, short video app Josh, which uses D-ID’s facial animation technology as a creative tool. Elsewhere, the D-ID API has been used by a number of licensees in media, education, marketing, and more. It has partnered with Warner Bros. To allow users to personalize movie trailers with animated photos and for the Harry Potter exhibition. Mondelēz International, advertising agency Publicis and Digitas Vietnam collaborated with D-ID on marketing efforts for the local festival. The company has partnered with non-profit organizations and governments to run awareness campaigns on topics such as domestic violence and HIV awareness.

As a private company, D-ID does not talk about its sales, but says it is growing fast and has many new customers. In particular, the company expects significant growth this year, says D-ID co-founder and CEO Gil Perry. He says the fund will help the existing 33-employee company power its sales and marketing teams in the US, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions. In addition, D-ID plans to double the number of experts on its deep learning and computer vision teams.

Perry told gaming-updates that the main drivers of the company’s growth come from corporate clients, especially the US. In this market, D-IDnow sees a significant number of calls to its API related to AI video creation created using its technology.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen the rapid growth of our technology’s success in so many applications and industries that can deliver so many benefits,” Perry said. “We are incredibly grateful for this new round of funding and our strong partnership with Macquarie, which will allow us to take our business and technology to the next level. We are excited about what the future holds for us.”

In addition to AI-based video, D-ID is also developing technology for the metaverse. It cooperates with the VR/AR platform manufacturer, gaze group To help develop AI, AR and VR applications for the Metaverse.

“We always look 5-10 years ahead, and we knew more about the metaverse – and understand its possibilities. [to be ahead of] other startups and tech giants in this particular area,” Perry said in a recent interview. “What we plan to do is, firstly, create a full-body reactivation in 3D… secondly, we are doing it quickly.”

Perry believes that the launch of the Metaverse requires further development in order for the Avatars to become more realistic. They must look at each other, behave, move and interact in an ultra-realistic way. In the future, he envisions how users will be able to enter the Metaverse to not only communicate with their past relatives, but also meet and interact with famous personalities, such as schoolchildren, who question Albert Einstein and put them in their place. Hindi. “That’s where D-ID goes.”

In addition to existing partnerships, Perry said D-ID is also in talks with several “tech giants” but could not name specific names as discussions continue. Perry pointed out, “We are at an advanced stage with strategic players – leading technology giants such as handsets, cameras, social media, video conferencing in the music industry, and the like.”

The Series B round includes investments from Macquarie Pitango, AXA, OurCrowd, OIF, Maverick and Marubeni, bringing D-ID’s total revenue to $48 million.

“Our goal is to enable people to innovate and invest in a better future. D-ID is helping us envision that future,” said David Standen, global co-lead of Macquarie Capital Venture Capital Group, in a statement. “We are excited to be introduced to this fast growing industry. This technology offers so many applications across such a wide range of industries. They are true leaders in the leading market. We know this is just the beginning for D-ID and Macquarie.”

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