November 20, 2022

Rep. Ted Lew (D-Calif.) accused Rep. Eliza Stefanik (D-NY) of publishing a disgusting and racist advert selling white alternative concept.

Lew’s rep tweeted:

Stefanik issued a remark about being in comparison to the Buffalo shooter, the place he by no means discussed the primary of white substitution:

Republicans like Stefanik impress inner assaults and get aggravated when requested to. Stefanik intervened in Nationwide Police Week, which has not anything to do with the Buffalo taking pictures or the truth that the New York congressman is selling a racist concept that the Buffalo shooter is the use of to justify his movements.

All the Republican message in regards to the 2022 election revolves round racism. When Republicans discuss toddler method and restrictions, they’re attractive in a racist assault via suggesting that black migrant kids are getting method that white kids do not need get entry to to.

That is racism and rap. It was once named Lew.

Skinhead and Klan ideals have turn out to be mainstream within the Republican Birthday party.

The leaders of the Republican Birthday party will have to eliminate the dislike they unfold or be ready to stand the effects in their loss of life.

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