December 4, 2022

Rape. Zoe Lofgren (R-Calif.) showed that Rep. Barry Laudermilk led excursions wherein other people photographed the tunnels used to transparent Congress on Jan. 6.

Rep. Louis Gomert mentioned the steps have been ancient, however Rep. Zoe Lofgren mentioned the tunnels photographed through Loudermilk vacationers have been the similar ones used to evacuate Congress:

Both it was once one of the most greatest coincidences in American historical past that Loudermilk by chance photographed the stairways and tunnels used to go Congress throughout the 1/6 assault 24 hours later, or Loudermilk is mendacity.

The proof is contained in a video launched through Committee 1/6. Loudermilk has modified its commute historical past a number of occasions. To start with, he refused to run excursions and altered his tale to mention he runs excursions for households most effective. He then accused the Democrats of traveling.

The 1/6 committee has superb causes to speak to Loudermilk, and if he does not cooperate, it is time to name a subpoena.

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