May 23, 2022

Sometimes you just want to tweet your reaction to the “Love is Blind” reunion without upsetting your 4,333 best friends who probably follow you because they work in tech, not because they care about you. Ever. all the time. Or maybe it’s me.

Twitter last year tease feature Which allows users to create an audience for their tweets so that they can only post to a small subset of their followers. Similar to Instagram Close Friends Story or Google Plus Circle (RIP), Twitter also refers to this product as Circle.

This morning we received a Twitter popup asking us to create our Twitter Circle to share with a “smaller crowd” of 150 people. The introductory screen also indicated that the circles could be changed at any time and that people would not be notified if you deleted them. it was still the same screen leak last week application researcher Nima Ovji, but when we got to the second screen of the onboarding process, we couldn’t get past the “Got it” button.

We asked Twitter about this and the rep said that the popup was probably due to a bug, so we weren’t able to set up Twitter Circles as the feature hasn’t been rolled out yet. But if Twitter is working hard enough on this for a random bug to slip into the real world, it could indicate that we good friend story Circles coming soon. Of course, just testing a feature or even deploying it doesn’t mean it’s going to be around forever – remember Fleets?

With new features like communities and the ability to restrict comments on your tweets, Twitter already gives users more control over who can see their tweets and who can interact with their tweets. You can also pay for the most delicious ingredients through Tip Jar. In a way, part of the joy (and horror) of Twitter is that it’s like the public section of the Internet, and the introduction of these features could make public Twitter look like LinkedIn, a place where you can share your feelings would be weird. The Love Is Blind reunion is just a random example. But users already know (or at least we think so) that by posting, they are revealing their innermost thoughts. Historically, twitterers looking to create a more private space to scream in the void have set up private “alternative” accounts that they only share with their inner circle. So a feature like circles will make it easy to switch between these two audiences with just one account. However, Instagram’s Close Friends feature doesn’t necessarily rule out Finsta.

“Twitter is always working on new ways to help people have healthy conversations and we are currently looking into ways to get people to tweet in small groups. we was seen That was the concept last year because the response from the public helps shape what we build. We don’t have more details to share, but more coming soon,” gaming-updates tweeted.

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