May 25, 2022

Cloaked, a Boston-based startup that lets users generate unique email addresses and phone numbers when creating online accounts, has raised $25 million in Series A funding.

Founded in 2020 by brothers Arjun and Abhijay Bhatnagar, Cloaked allows privacy-conscious people to create unique identifiers. The service, available as an app and browser extension, creates “hidden” identities such as email, phone numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers that may be unique to a particular online service. Works like a hidden password manager, but instead of storing the user’s password, the platform creates and replaces personal information with “hidden” data.

Unlike other services that generate IDs like Apple’s Hide My Email, Cloaked’s smart settings make it easy for people to personalize and customize how each ID works. For example, people can choose what, when, where, and with whom they share information, and each email address and phone number can be turned on/off, reminded, terminated, and can be automatically updated when compromised. Users can also choose whether they want messages to be automatically forwarded to individual email addresses and phone numbers, or whether they should remain Clocked.

Cloaked claims to keep personal information private from the start, as each user has an encrypted database that stores all of their personal information, keys, and controls so they can manage or delete them at any time.

“People liked the idea of ​​feeling famous but not being controlled,” Abhijay told gaming-updates. He added that those currently using Cloaked in early preview are creating IDs for everything from online banking to online dating. “We really want to restore people’s relationship not only with their data, but with technology in general,” he said.

Cloaked offers a service similar to a password manager, but to create an online identity. (image: included)

Cloaked, which is currently a free service but plans to move to a freemium model, credits its Series A funding to gaming-updates, led by Lux Capital and Human Capital, which will see it develop more of its product. Building and exiting beta. The startup now has a team of 26 fully remote employees and is looking for new employees. Arjun says, “First of all, we keep to the distant. “This expands our ability to hire the best in the world, wherever they are, and we want to make sure our team is made up of the most talented people.”

Cloaked is the second startup founded by the Bhatnagar brothers. Before starting his latest venture, he made Hey! Installed and sold! HeadsUp, an online platform that allows users to add tasks to other people’s schedules without sharing multiple calendars and event invitations.

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