March 22, 2023

A brand new take a look at the Korean empire is right here, and civilization 6 Lovers who personal the Chief Cross may not wish to fail to see this superior builder. Sejong Dewang is the most recent Korean chief to be had within the sport, and he has his personal unique talent for avid gamers to take a look at out.

Because the civilization 6 Chief Cross in any case reaches its 5th wave, 3 famend developers input the arena degree. Some of the new characters are Theodora, Ludwig II and Sejong. This article is going to information avid gamers to verify they take the best trail to victory without any rather than Sejong.


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purposes and talents

improved mines with seowon

There may be now a brand new method to play in Korea civilization 6. As an alternative of the use of Seondeok as a pacesetter together with her Hwarang talent, avid gamers can check out Sejong and his Hangul talent. In each different facet, Korean civilization is similar, however this means can truly have an effect on how avid gamers come to a decision what tempo they will have to take their sport at. Listed below are all of Sejong’s abilities and distinctive characteristics.


The way it works

management talent


After finishing a New Technology Generation, you are going to obtain Tradition equivalent to two times the Science generated in keeping with flip

civilization talent

3 Kingdoms

  • +1 Science to Mines for every adjoining Seowon District
  • +1 Farm Meals for every adjoining Seowon District

Distinctive unit


  • Distinctive land unit from the Korean Renaissance technology
  • Unlocked after researching Gunpowder
  • Replaces the Box Cannon – decrease manufacturing value, much less repairs value, however slight melee energy downside
  • 2 motion, 2 imaginative and prescient
  • 60 Ranged Power, 2 Vary
  • 45 melee energy
  • 3 gold repairs prices

Distinctive district


  • Unlocked after researching writing
  • Replaces the campus – decrease manufacturing prices
  • +4 Science
  • -1 Science for every adjoining District
  • Will have to be constructed on hill tiles

The right way to play as Sejong

Research into a new technology

Sejong’s Hangul talent permits him to obtain a formidable tradition spice up when researching a brand new technology era. Alternatively, there are simplest 8 epochs within the sport. Those are rather smartly spaced out, particularly if you are taking part in Epic or Marathon velocity video games. Sadly, the participant may not use his talent that frequently.

A very powerful facet of taking part in Sejong (and Korea basically) is its get right of entry to to the Seowon District and the 3 Kingdoms talent. When putting in a civilization 6 Sport for Sejong, avid gamers will have to believe opening the complex choices and Environment the arena age to New Global Age. This fashion the map can have many extra hills.

Get admission to to hills at the map offers extra Seowon choices and in addition permits Sejong to construct mines close by. The extra mines Sejong can construct close to Seowon districts, the extra he advantages from the 3 Kingdoms talent. It is important to to devise the most productive district placement when taking part in towards Korea because it can provide them nice benefits. As an example, if a Seowon is surrounded through no less than 3 mines and isn’t constructed adjoining to another district (together with town middle), that district would supply no less than +7 science in keeping with flip; a large sum for only one town.

If the participant invests closely in Science and makes use of this talent in addition to conceivable, they’re on their method to a assured Science Victory.

civilization 6 is now to be had for PC, PS4, Transfer and Xbox One.

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