May 28, 2022

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on Monday, March 28, 2022! I wish I knew that that day would come, and here it is. Christine As well as Hey From now on, I’ll be doing my gourmet crunchy bites, though I’ll be back from time to time to fill them up when I’m on break. I’m not leaving gaming-updates. not a little. I’m on my way The bale of vainglory.+ Work on As for my main project, I leave it to you in their very capable hands.

as an addition, Walter I will continue to write the gaming-updates + column, for which I am very grateful. It has been my great honor to write here for you all these months. Hugs and good luck! I Alex

Vanity Kip top 3

  • Sea’s Shopee stops operating in India: Sea of ​​Singapore is closing its Shopee e-commerce business in India, but not for the reason you might think. While the announcement follows India’s decision to ban the popular C game “Free Fire” in the country last month, gaming-updates says the company cites “global market uncertainty” as the reason. Shopee was less than a year old.
  • Apple won an Oscar: If you watched the Oscars last night, one thing is certain: AppleTV+ was the first streaming service to win a Best Picture award. There was nothing more about the incident, sir. nothing. There are no tweets, tech or other material discussing other Oscar events. It’s just that Apple overtook Netflix at the pinnacle of the Oscars.
  • Is the download delayed? We are days away from the Q1 2021 startup data flood, but there are a few setbacks we can sense as yes, the funding market is slowing down. So many? It’s too early to talk about it. In fact, the slowdown from previous records does not indicate a correction, let alone a slowdown in launch. The money is still flowing, and the funds that have raised a lot of capital have not yet distributed it, delayed or not.

Startups and venture capitalists

Elon Musk may be threatening to roll out his own social media platform, but today Amanda made it clear why it’s too early to say anything about it on Twitter. “When it comes to the fact that Musk really leads the way with his crazy ideas on Twitter, his track record is not great,” she concludes dryly.

French accelerator The Family appears to be going through a bitter family feud, with one of its co-founders being accused of alleged forgery and “diversion of 3 million euros to be invested in several startups.”

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Use RevOps to develop a customer-centric approach to B2B sales

Conceptual image of golden piggy bank and stethoscope isolated on pure white, selective focus on piggy bank

image credit: Malamas-UK (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Employees are hired to perform a specific task, which can confuse even a start-up startup.

Companies that find ways to integrate their sales streams and customer experience have an advantage, writes Errol Toker, founder and CEO of

“To optimize your unique journey for better customer interaction, you need a multidisciplinary team that is fully focused on that goal and sees the customer as their guiding light,” says Tocker. “We call it RevOps.”

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Pinterest adds $1.2 million to its creator fund: Creating a contributor fund is one of the steps that platforms are taking to encourage more users to create something for their website or app. These are the basics. Pinterest has a smaller creator fund than some of its competitors, but it’s welcome when raising money for underrepresented people. gaming-updates reports that the former startup has committed an additional $1.2 million in a combination of cash grants, advertising credits and other resources to underrepresented band creators. More on this please.
  • Spotify makes it easy to find new podcastsSpotify is currently rolling out a new podcast search tool, linked to last summer’s $50 million acquisition of Podz, and is shutting down its services in Russia, part of the country’s ban on “fake news.” Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine that goes against the Russian narrative.
  • Fine Apple Netherlands max. reachesA: I’m not sure Apple breathed a sigh of relief as fines hit the cap of $55 million following the antitrust ruling on payment technology for dating apps. This comes after Apple changed its latest proposal to say the revised proposal “should lead to final terms for dating app providers.” If regulators do not agree, the company could be fined.
  • SpaceX stops production of the Crew Dragon capsule: For those of you who were worried that SpaceX would continue to produce new Crew Dragon capsules, don’t worry. Instead, the company says four is enough and will focus on upgrading its current fleet, which we report is “the only reusable vehicle used by NASA to transport astronauts to and from the ISS.”
  • Happy Return from PayPal is now free: PayPal Checkout sellers can now use the Happy Returns Return and Exchange software for free. Ulta Beauty is leading the charge by launching return bars at 1300 locations. Since PayPal took over the software and logistics services in 2021, the number of return bars has grown to over 5,000.
  • TikTok is testing a feature that will make sure you never lose a video againA: Sometimes you’re not ready to watch a video, but when you go looking for it, you can’t. It was such a problem that users posted their own solutions. Well, TikTok is listening to you and is now testing a “view history” feature for your “for you” page so you can recover any missed moves.

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