February 3, 2023

Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer mentioned he has no drawback with non violent protests outdoor the houses of Splendid Courtroom judges.

Sumer Video:

Schumer used to be requested if he agreed with the protest, and he answered: “If the protest is non violent, then sure. At my space, close to my space, there are protests 3 or 4 instances every week. That is the American means of non violent protest.”

Schumer’s telephone rings and he says, “That is my spouse, sorry. Perhaps a protest in the street? So long as they are sober, I am nice.”

Republicans name those protesters a “mob” and get in touch with the police on chalk marks left on their sidewalks.

Majority chief Sumer confirmed handle it. Non violent protest is a part of democracy. The correct to criticize the federal government is enshrined within the First Modification.

Republicans act like a number of children and cowards. Republican senators know that on Wednesday they’re all going to vote a criminal offense codifying Rowe.

So long as persons are non violent, they have got the fitting to protest that their rights are about to be stolen. Republicans need energy with out responsibility.

The American folks can’t take away the justices of the Splendid Courtroom, however they may be able to give an explanation for how they really feel in regards to the 5 who supported Rowe’s defeat.

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