May 28, 2022

Today, the Chrome OS team is launching version 100 of its lightweight operating system, bringing with it some exciting changes to the platform. The most obvious of these is the new Launcher, which works from the bottom up towards the screen and gets a few more new features. The built-in camera app now lets you save your creations as GIFs, and Chrome OS’s dictation feature makes it easy to edit text. There’s also new support for over 100 additional devices thanks to the recently released Chrome OS Flex. For developers, Google is launching a revamped site.

Launcher is probably the first thing users will notice. Keep in mind that the taskbar doesn’t move automatically, we’re just talking about the Chrome OS equivalent of the Windows start menu. Google says the idea here is to leave more room for other open windows. Users can now organize their apps by name or color (if that’s your thing), or manually arrange them in an order that makes sense to you (or you can be like me and just be in chaos).

Google Chrome OS New Launcher

image credit: Google

In the Launcher, Google has updated the search feature, which previously showed a short preview of the search result. After this update, you will see much more information even before you go to the browser. Shortcuts are now also integrated into this search, so you can easily take a screenshot, for example.

image credit: Google

When it comes to sound editing, that’s exactly what you’d expect here. Now you can say “delete” to delete the last character, for example, or “go to next character” to move the cursor. Very simple, to the point that you wonder why these features weren’t there before, but certainly a very useful addition for users who rely on dictation.

Making a GIF in your Chromebook camera speaks for itself. There is now a new toggle to enable, and once you do that, you will be able to create a five second GIF.

GIF Maker for Chrome OS

image credit: Google

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