May 25, 2022

Harness, Jyoti Bansal’s developer-focused startup, has been hard at work building a more complete modern developer tooling platform, and recently made a notable move to open source. It all started with the acquisition of in 2020.

Today, the company has taken open source one step further by acquiring Chaos Native, best known for its open source chaos design product Litmus Chaos, developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

While Chaos Native CEO and co-founder Uma Muqkara announced the deal on the company’s blog, saying the project was originally focused on Cloud Native projects built on Kubernetes, it has expanded to a broader range over time. Engineering tools of chaos.

“What started as an attempt to provide turnkey chaos experiments for Kubernetes-based microservices has eventually evolved into a comprehensive framework for performing chaos engineering for a variety of application and infrastructure purposes. , which includes support for multi-tenancy, SLO. Validation and customizable workflow,” Mukkara wrote in the post.

With ChaosNative, Harness adds another element to her developer toolkit that allows her to test her projects under the worst-case scenario. The idea is to try and create a set of conditions that will prevent your application from understanding this and prevent it from happening.

Bansal said it is also improving its suite of testing and reliability tools on the platform.

“With the acquisition of Chaos Native and the addition of Harness SRM (Service Reliability Management) and Harness STO (Security Test Orchestration), the Harness platform bridges the gap in speed, flexibility, reliability, and security, allowing developers to quickly and reliably manage their businesses.” allows distribution. can give results. Providing an unparalleled developer experience,” he said in a statement.

As with the drone purchase a few years ago, Muqkara said that as part of Harness, he will continue to develop the open source project, integrating it into the Harness platform and offering commercial versions of Chaos Native products.

“As part of Harness, we will continue to support Litmus’ community-focused values ​​by providing key integration roadmap elements, new bug injections/experiments, and an improved chaos control panel,” Murakkara wrote.

The companies did not discuss the purchase price, but customers will be able to see Chaos Native opportunities later this quarter, according to the company.

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