February 3, 2023

At a Donald Trump rally in protection of alleged sexual predator Charles Herbster, a little bit lady was once requested what she preferred maximum about Trump and gave the look to be obsessive about God.


When requested what everybody in her existence preferred maximum about Donald Trump, the little lady responded: “What I like maximum is that he loves our circle of relatives.” Whilst this little lady was once speaking about how a lot Trump loves his circle of relatives, status in the back of her was once her father, dressed in a T-shirt with the hashtag #FJB, which stands for “F Joe Biden”, which is superb to turn to a kid.

It is very important record the similarities with the cult.

Worshiping Trump at those occasions as a result of this sort of habits is the gateway to political violence as the rustic survived 1/6 and those Trump supporters don’t seem to be simply destroying their minds. They’re brainwashing their youngsters to stay the Trump cult going ahead.

Donald Trump does not love or care about any individual’s circle of relatives. There’s documentary proof that he does no longer care about his circle of relatives.

The circle of relatives introduced their daughter to Trump’s rally in beef up of the candidate He’s accused of sexually assaulting a number of girls.

The little lady’s response within the video above presentations that it isn’t simply Fox Information audience who’re being brainwashed. Babies are mainly taught that Trump is God.

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