May 26, 2022

Until now, Stretch has not been as popular as Spot. This is clear. To begin with, this was not Boston Dynamics’ first commercial robot after decades of research and development. On the other hand, he is primarily intended to be behind the scenes, keeping the boxes out of the public eye. Either way, Spot acted as a brand ambassador, seeking publicity and controversy for the Hyundai-owned robot maker.

An offshoot of Handle’s project, Stretch, has been tested in recent months with a limited number of clients. In January, Boston Dynamics also struck a massive $15 million deal with DHL to buy robots. Other early clients include the Gap and H&M clothing chains.

Today the system is on sale for anyone who wants to buy it. Well, booking is probably better, as deliveries are not expected until 2023 and 2024 at the earliest. The company predicts current labor issues as the main driver of the new robot.

image credit: Boston Dynamics

“Labor shortages and supply chain constraints continue to pose challenges to ensure the flow of goods,” said CEO Robert Plater. “Stretch Logistics makes operations more efficient, predictable and improves safety while performing one of the most demanding tasks in a warehouse. Many of our early customers are already ready for large-scale deployments of robots, so we are excited that Stretch will soon expand its presence to help retailers and logistics companies cope with the ever-increasing demand for goods. ,

It will be interesting to see how these systems work in the world. So far, we’ve mostly watched videos from Boston Dynamics in a controlled environment. The atmosphere is fiercely competitive. In recent years, warehouse/logistics has been one of the main categories of robotics as companies battle Amazon’s massive automation army. Lately, they’ve been looking for systems that can help fill vacancies.

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