May 25, 2022

Blue Origin has announced its next lineup for the New Shepard flight to suborbital space, and it includes Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, as well as angel investor Marty Allen, nonprofit founder Sharon Hagel, her husband and Tricore CEO Mark Hagel. entrepreneur Jim Kitchen. . and founder of Commercial Space Technologies, Dr. George Neal.

Pete Davidson is Blue Origin’s second celebrity passenger after William Shatner traveled with the commercial space company last year. Earlier this month, it was reported that Davidson was in talks with a company owned by Jeff Bezos to fly into space. A trip of at least 10 minutes would be a good break for Davidson from the ongoing drama with Kim and Kanye.

Davidson’s crew for this trip is a more traditional group of wealthy individuals as well as philanthropists with ties to STEAM and space education. Doctor. Neil previously worked at the FAA office in charge of licensing and regulating commercial space flight, so this is an exciting opportunity for him to experience the fruits of his past labors firsthand.

Blue Origin will launch on March 23 from the company’s West Texas spaceport with an estimated launch time of 8:30 am CST (9:30 am EST).

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